memorial day weekend

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by rainbow, May 26, 2004.

  1. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    i just have to say that i cant wait to go Home this weekend!!!!!

    my husband and i (and baby in belly) are so excited. lately we've been to a bunch of NERF gathering, and a kentucky scout council.....i have a feeling the peaceful assembly is going to get pretty big! I cant wait to see everyones smiley shiny selves....i hope to meet some of you there!

    We Loooooooooooovvvveee Yoooooouuuuuu!
  2. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    here are directions if anyone needa'em~~;)


    Go to Sheffield PA
    One tenth of a mile from the end of Route 666 (where it meets Route 6)
    there is a Uni-mart gas station.
    Turn onto this road and cross over the bridge. Continue onto High St
    Road, SR2002)and follow for 11.2 Miles to Dunham Siding. (This is the
    intersections of SR2002, FS116, FS119, and FS536)
    Make a left onto FS116.

    Seed Camp Monday 5/24/200- Thursday 5/28/2004
    After turning onto FS116 make an immediate right onto FS119. Follow for
    miles. You will see a gated road on the left marked "Foot Traffic
    This trail will lead you down to the site. Follow parking guidelines

    Long Term Parking (arrival on or after Friday 5/28)
    Stay on FS 116 for 1.8 miles. There is a quarry on the right with room
    large vehicle parking (bus/rv parking). Car parking is available all
    FS116, follow parking guidelines below. Look for marked trails to
    the site or follow along the road detailed below for site access.

    Gear drop-off locations / Live in car parking
    Approximately 0.1 miles beyond the quarry there is a unnumbered road on
    right. This dead end road leads to a ridge over the site. This road is
    excellent choice for those who live in their vehicles, handicap
    campers, or
    as a place to drop off gear to load in. This road also provides good
    for emergency vehicles so it is critical that parking guidelines be
    followed. Parking only on one side, all 4 wheels off the road. Do not
    access to this road. If you are only using this access point for load
    please drop off your gear and park your car along FS116.

    Parking guidelines:
    Park on one side of the road only. Park with all four tires completely
    the road. Cars not parked with all four wheels of the road may be
    to towing by the Forest Service. Do not block any roads or gates or
    car may be subject to towing.
  3. ive heard its just gonna be a scouting council for the 2005-2006 nationals.
    ill be there regardless.

    ~shine on in love and light~
  4. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    heres the deal~~~

    there was alot of nerf controversy @ this "peaceful assembly", as a matter of fact, some nerflings are gathering in vt for a "picnic", and others will be in pa. I was at the last council, and it was concenced that the PA peaceful assembly would take place the week b/t memorial day weekend and the following weekend, council was supposed to happen both weekends. There was a lot of nerf emails, most not very pleasant, so i'm not quite sure what exactly will happen as far as counciling this mentioned scouting~~i heard nothing about this except that one sister may have posted that on a rainbow website....if my memory serves me correct, there was no talk of scouting during this gathering at the last council.

    what i can tell you for sure is that many folks are planning on coming, no matter what you call this gathering. It will be beautiful, and i cant wait to see my family! see you there!
  5. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    sorry i'm AWFUL with directions, how do I get there from Cleveland, Ohio?
  6. hey kids. keep your eyes open for a kid named sundance and a dog named Sabre. im headin up after work tommorow. im lookin' forward to meetin' ya'll. lovin' you.

    ~shine on in love and light~
  7. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    I think you should have a council, and reach a consenseless that anyone who isn't there is a DWEEB...except me, of course, 'cause I'll be there in spirit.
  8. rainbow

    rainbow Member

    maria 420~~~

    mapquest the adress in ohio to the intersection Rt. 6 and Rt.666 in Sheffield, PA. once there, follow rainbow directions....

    i just did it, worked like a charm :D
  9. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    The P.a. Festival Was Aweeeeesome

    Can't Wait For Nationals... Hope I Can Make It!
  10. hey sister? did you meet a dready brother named Eryn there? i was supposed to meet him up there but we left monday mornin' cause of all the rain. lovin' you.

    ~shine on in love and light~

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