Melody motivation? (Rap beats)

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by YungSAVi, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. YungSAVi

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    I have been making beats since i was like 16 or 17, if i can remember correctly.
    some of my beats i like, and there are some that i don't like very much.
    (I listen to beats by other producers, often.)
    I was wondering if you guys had any tips, like for me to improve on being consistent with my melodies in trap beat production, a melody is the sound you hear when you first hear a song on the radio, it's the "Hook"
    it can be catchy or complex, depending on the producer's motive and what he/she wants to do far as the melody concern, but i sometimes run out of melody ideas for new beats, takes me quite some time to think of one, but it gets done, but i want it to be consistent with every new beat i create and post online.
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  2. Reverand JC

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    Hum or scat sing until something comes to you.

    Rev J
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  3. Noserider

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    Premiere and Kay Gee were the best at Melody.
  4. neonspectraltoast

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    It always works for me to write a melody like I'm writing a loud, rock song, even though I don't play loud music.
  5. YungSAVi

    YungSAVi Rapper/Singer

  6. YungSAVi

    YungSAVi Rapper/Singer

    will try that
  7. [​IMG]
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