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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Ocean Byrd, May 19, 2004.

  1. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    I got ticketed two weeks ago, Monday, and had a District Attourney meeting today. I've got a 90 day program ahead of me along with some community service and a $125 fine. Could be worse, I could have possibly gotten probation. That's my craptacular story of why I hate America sometimes.

  2. thatniggafbi

    thatniggafbi Banned

    see what you did wrong is you should have sucked the judges dick

    like monica did bill

    that is what is great about america, you can suck dick to get ahead
  3. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    Welcome to Larimer County,Colorado.Pigs with an agenda!
  4. thatniggafbi

    thatniggafbi Banned

    nigga said pigs
  5. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    I knock the teeth out of smart ass punks like you and your buddies.

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