Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Duncan, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member
    is a site that I found for local meetups with folks of similar interest.

    Check it out. It could go somewhere :)

    or not, of course.
  2. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    I'll check it out and letcha know what I think later. :)
  3. lynsey

    lynsey Banned

    I am a meetup addict. I always end up meeting up with people I already know though ):
  4. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    wow, cool site. maybe i will meet up with other crazy people like me. i didnt see that option though
  5. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    I find that site semi to extremly horrifying. I'm just not sure to what degree that site freaks me out.
  6. AshtonsMom

    AshtonsMom Banned

    I didn't find the site interesting in the least...[​IMG]
  7. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    I dont care so much for the site just the possibility of girls on the other end.
  8. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    I didn't see a "Get me Laid right now!!!" option, so, meh...
  9. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    it's been arround for ages. i was on there two or three machines/operating systems/browsers ago. several online groups i've been in have tried to use it. never once had anything set up through it materialize. plus they want someone to pay.

    that's a silly stupid load of crap.
    there's a million zillion other ways to do the same thing
    and you don't have to pay anyone to do so.

  10. Friend

    Friend Banned

    Duncan, if it's a site where we can meet - sorry, I just saw your sig pic - I'm too towerphobic...

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