Meeting the rich square in-laws for the first time and a $12.000 Italian suit.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by johnnystillcantread, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Hello! The other day I was looking through a Sears sale catalogue for a new suit to wear to my sons wedding. At first I was delighted when I seen one for $99. But then started thinking that I would still look like a hillbilly. I want to look sharp on the wedding day partly because it’s a very special day and partly because the wife and I will have a little acting to do.

    My future in laws despise drug users and a pothead is just as disgusting as a heroin addict in their minds. My new plan is to go see my friend/grounds keeping customer and say to him – man I need a new suit to look sharp at my sons wedding. And because of all the hours we have spent together working and talking in his flower garden it would be a safe bet that he will take me to his closet and tell me to take my pick from dozens of fine Italian suits. ( A little side note about this man: There have been a few times that our job for the day would be to cut the lower branches off the fir trees growing on the bank. And I was always the guy holding the ladder while he went up and cut the branches. He said it was because he was old and it didn’t matter if he got killed but he also knew if I fell – got hurt and couldn’t work my wife and I would be screwed financially. Also every time it rains he goes out to the road in front of his million-dollar home and gathers up the worms so they won’t get squished by cars)

    I had promised the wife a new dress for the wedding but what I might do instead is send the wife/secretary over to our friends/grounds keeping customers/doctors wife and have her say – hey girl friend I need a lavish gown for my sons wedding.

    Our son and his girl friend have warned us to watch for trick questions about drugs and if we see her father drinking too much at the reception be prepared for the 4th degree.

    I figure with the money we save on clothes I can rent a limo – practice saying the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain on the way over. And if I am given the 4th degree at the reception and the father comes right out and asks me if I do drugs – I won’t lie. I will adjust my $12.000 Italian suit - do my Fez impression and tell him good day sir. Then I will give the wife the plan B sign – gather up the train on her lavish gown and head out to the limo to smoke a fatty. Cheers!
  2. Captain Zeep

    Captain Zeep Acoustic Hero

    This sounds like the setup to a Hunter S. Thompson adventure! Have you considered slipping a plate of magic brownies onto the catering table when no one is looking? I think it would make for a grand time.
  3. Hello! I couldn’t do that to a people - but I bet I will find the other stoner’s in the crowd (my boy smokes his gal don’t but she is fine with it). Were hoping to have a blast but if the father sees through our act and gets rudely we will have a plan C - party at mom and dads. (how many stoners fit in a limo anyway?) Cheers!
  4. shaina

    shaina No War Know Peace

    what does this have to dow ith parenting?
  5. My sons wedding has a lot to do with parenting. Some day when I die and my sons come over to pay their last respects that also will have a lot to do with parenting.
  6. Dakota's Mom

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    My SIL's wedding at a fancy smancy place had more stoners that our hippie wedding in the park. Her husband's uncle who gave them a $10,000 wedding gift supplied everyone who wanted to walk out to the parking lot. All we had at our wedding was a jug of "orange juice" floating around. Rich and fancy does not preclude getting "happy".

    And I agree, his son's wedding has everything to do with parenting.

  7. Hello! If my sons wedding is around harvest time I will be supplying everyone who wants to go out to the limo. Cheers!
  8. Fancy is in the eye of the beholder. I was just thinking about that orange juice at your wedding and would bet that it was appreciated and enjoyed. I would be more comfortable if I could just wear my work clothes to the wedding but a daddy does what a daddy has to do. Cheers!
  9. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Yeah, it was pretty cool. Everyone dressed casually. We wore hemp. We were gonna be barefoot but the geese in the park made that unadvisable. We had a potluck reception as well. Our friends had a great time. The straight folks just sat and stared.


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