Mechanized Cognition (50 mgs 4-ho-dipt)

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    I dosed 50 mgs 4-ho-dipt in the afternoon on my way to a park which has a open space where I planned on spending my trip. The initial alerts came on in about 15 minutes, while I was still walking towards the park. I had one prior experience with 4-ho-dipt at 20 mgs and the comeup this time was fairly similar. I felt a heavyness in my head and a carefree malaise which was pleasant and there was a slight softening of vision but no interesting visuals or introspection as of yet. The trip remained this way for about another 10 minutes until I made my way into the park. As I approached the park there was a subtle change where I had the impression that I was not on the trail somehow, my surroundings took on sort of a foresty theme.

    As I made my way into the park, still feeling heavy, I found a table to sit on and admire the surroundings. The details of the trees, surrounding leaves, and plants all radiated with a sense of beauty and captured my interest. Eventually some people who were playing softball came over to the bench next to me and were rather loud so I decided to move to the other side of field where I could get into my thoughts more. I laid out on the grass on the other side of the field, the effects were still rather calm at this point and I put on some music. Unlike my previous 4-ho-dipt experience, this time I found music extremely captivating, picking up on subtle nuances of songs that I had not heard before. I listened to Robin Trower, some quality blues music, and just melted into the sounds in an extremely pleasing way. Yet being the blues, the song hit me with a harsh poignancy that had emotions well up in me.

    The stimulation started to pick up around this point, especially as I moved onto some psytrance from Robin Trower. I didn't feel like dancing really but I felt like moving as my body kept tremoring, I tend to tremor/tic naturally sometimes, although not to quite the same frequency but it made me wonder if something like that effect could give people a glimpse into what I experience, as I get the impression most people can't really relate to that.

    The psytrance had a very digital, synthetic sound and the trip was starting to mirror that in some ways which found the song quite appealing. The world seemed to feel as if it was turning on it's side at this point, I experienced an interesting but non-scary sensation of vertigo. After the song, there were two guys with dogs about 40 yards away from me that had dogs attack each other and then they started yelling and cursing at each other. This interaction sort of through my adrenaline into overdrive and I thought that I may have to break up a fight and as hard as I was tripping somehow I still felt I could've. Instead though, I just watched them intently and kept my cool and didn't intervene. The primal male bravado on display seemed kind of humorous to me but at the same time I was about to assert my own if things escalated.

    After those two got done yelling at each other and things settled my trip really started to pick up visually. Motion was extremely interesting on this trip, I had a fairly good grasp on reality but motion was entirely novel. I watched some guys playing softball in the distance and the ball seemed to leave a trail off the bat and I noticed the different intricancies of movement of each person playing softball. Dogs running around the park were very captivating with their relentless agility and energy, I decided to move myself to a new location and I had to readjust a few times to work out the tension.

    Mind on pins and needles

    As I set up at a different corner of the park, I felt this pins and needles sensation in my psyche. My body felt good although persistent tremoring pretty much throughout but my mind was starting to unravel. There was a constant pins and needles sensation on my mind, everytime my mind would seem to get the slightest bit of comfort, my thoughts would race towards a different direction. My mind started feeling very automated at this point, one moment I'd seem to be completely devoid of any feeling and able to spectate from a detached observer perspective, the next moment I'd be overwhelmed in feeling and never felt more human. There was an automated projective quality to the trip as well, it seemed as any person I witnessed who slightly resembled a form of someone I knew, I would splatter the person I knews persona on them and so this pins and needles quality of sort of uncontrolled automation of my mind and my emotional guard of feeling more connected to and valuing the people I knew were at odds. There was a seeming dichotomy or maybe trichotomy??? to every single thought that was being presented to my mind. The idea of 'letting go' as the mantra goes with many psychedelic experiences seemed impossible on this trip. What would I be letting go of? My mind was on a mechanized autopilot and there was no comfort zone of my psyche to let go in, there was a metaphorical constant dagger at my consciousness. At moments I wished for someone there to be with me but as the dichotomy persisted on this trip, the next moment I felt I'd be so reviled at another person on this stuff and they with me, that I'm glad I was at it alone. These affects were strictly in my cognition too, while there was sort of a harshness to this experience, some of it was very beautiful in a more 'typical' psychedelic way.

    I laid down to close my eyes and unlike most other tryptamine experiences where often with eyes close immeadiately I am greeted by very complete dimensions, this was creating dimensions from scratch. I got the impression of very precise, jagged etch-a-sketch type effect going on in my mind's eye that would create impossibly vivid images at a unrelenting pace. As I noted earlier, with open eyes I still had a fairly good grasp on reality so it was interesting at one moment to be somewhat aware of normal reality and then the next when I closed my eyes, to be completely blasted off into extremely precise, beautiful, and structured CEV's. The closed eye visuals always started over if I opened my eyes for a few minutes as well, yet always kept the pace.

    I walked over by a bridge and sort of felt that primal forest, jungle feeling vibe again that I felt during the onset, over looked into the water to see my reflection and then got a phone call which seemed to break me out of the slight trance I was in. I had the impression at some points too that this field and bridge were almost part of some strange experiment. The effects let up significantly after that about 3-4 hours in but I remained with a softer trip for the remainder of the evening, still some music enhancement, easier mental perceptions and thoughts and an afterglow. Very powerful trip that was extremely unique and interesting.
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    Sounds like an interesting experience. At any point, did you regret that you chose a public setting for the trip? I enjoy public trips, but there's always some regret in the back of my mind during/after tripping in public, because I know a trip will take me to a much deeper place if I trip in a private setting. Then again, few things are more interesting than observing "normal people" when I'm tripping sack.
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    I don't regret the setting at all. I was fairly secluded for most of the trip, as the closest people would be from me was about 40 yards, except for the times I chose to explore the area a bit such as the bridge area. The persistent tremoring also made me glad that I had a wide open space to move about as I wished.
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    Hey Guer, that's really good attempt at describing stuff thats generally pretty indescribable. You're getting pretty good at writing TR's man!
    I can't relate much to your descriptions other than many of them were similar to most trips. The one actual trip I had with that stuff was so totally "eh" that I was bummed I had paid for it.
    Glad you found it to be quite worthy, apparently. I thought about throwing mine away lol.

    Edit: one comment... it sounds like there were moments where, had you been an inexperienced traveler, alone, things might have gone south. As they nearly (sorta half did) did for me the other day.

    I tell ya... set and setting. know yourself and learn about what you're taking. I still am learning the importance of these things.

    Like I say to my motorcycle riding friends... speed safely.
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    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Thanks for the compliments!

    I tried 4-ho-dipt once at 20 mgs prior to this and found it kind of 'eh' as well, I think it could perhaps still have been a quality experience for a novice psychedelic user, and supposedly it's very dose sensitive for different people but nothing particularly captivated me there.

    This 4-ho-dipt trip was a completely different ballgame, it was very challenging to my psyche and my notions of consciousness and how we form it, or it us. However, I didn't feel in any physical danger during the experience, it was fairly easy on the body outside of tremors, regardless I could see someone inexperienced (or even experienced for that matter) with psychedelics, in a bad setting, having a rough trip with this level of 4-ho-dipt.

    It was a very shredding of my mind.
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    "...there were two guys with dogs about 40 yards away from me that had dogs attack each other and then they started yelling and cursing at each other."

    Strange things tend to happen while you're tripping don't they.

    Yes, good TR.
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    Thanks for sharing Guer :) I know very little about 4-ho-dipt, so thanks for giving me some insight as to what the trip may be like. Parks are always interesting places to trip..I tend to try to find one that's not to crowded, which can be hard sometimes.

    The part of your trip where you saw those two guys arguing about their dogs attacking each other made me smile and laugh a little ha. Oh the things one can experience while tripping.. :sunny:
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    another quality report, GB.

    the part about your mind on pins and needles - bouncing back and forth, and dichotomies and possible "trichotomies".....that all seems pretty difficult to deal with.
    that quote really says it all. powerfully. we've probably all felt like that at some point in our psychedelic adventures.
    (not to say that this particular brand couldn't be uniquely 4-ho-dipty)
    seems like you were able to "let go" enough to not let it consume the rest of your trip. someone else could have easily decided that they had a "bad trip" because of that.

    funny how softball was a significant part of your trip again :)

    i pick up on tryptamine signatures in these last two trip reports of yours. like the primal, jungle feeling - i've gotten that before on 4-aco-dmt (...or was it LSD?)
    and the MOTION. that definitely reminds me of miprocin in a way that i can't quite put my finger on. miprocin is heavy on trails for me, but that doesn't quite do the feeling justice.

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