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    Set of 4 metal measuring cups

    Wire Whisk

    Acrylic paint

    A sealer

    Fishing line


    Start by choosing the different colors of flowers that you want to decorate your measuring cups. I picked yellow, blue, white and purple; one color of flower for each cup.

    [​IMG]You don't have to prime the cups before painting. Paint green lines around the sides of each cup, as illustrated below. Then paint on a little leaf. Make 5 little dots in circle and an orange dot in the center for a flower.

    For the inside and bmeasuring cup wind chimesottom of the cups, paint a bigger flower in the same color. as illustrated above. Don't be afraid to paint; it's really simple to do (just like when we were kids).

    Also paint the neck of whisk. I chose green.

    Let all dry. And spray or brush on a sealer. Let dry.

    Tie the fishing line to each hole on the cups. Mine had holes on the handle, but if yours doesn't, just drill a hole or take a hammer and nail and make a hole.

    String each cup to the whisk and knot off. You may wish to vary the length of the strings, so that the cups fall in a descending line, as shown in our photos.

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