Me and Smartie do Barcelona!!!

Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by Claire, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    Some piccies... click on the link;)


    Love Clairexxxx
  2. wrine420

    wrine420 Member

    I love Spain, especially Barcelona and Madrid.

    In fact that reminds me of an anecdote. While in the middle of Madrid, I went to a bar that was country based, and when I say this, I mean country as in Tim Mcgraw and Kenny Chesney. So as I was singing the lyrics to some Hank Williams Jr song, the Spainards thought it would be funny to forcefeed the Americans with a couple rounds of free booze. Just to say it was a fun night!

    Long live Spain, and the Spanish women!
  3. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    Hell, those Spanish women... hubba hubba:p
  4. iscreamchocolate

    iscreamchocolate Senior Member

    very nice pictures :)
  5. alex714

    alex714 To the Left

    those are great pics

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