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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by Actual_Reality, Oct 17, 2010.

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    I got my hands on some xtc pills yesterday and I popped 3 different kinds.

    One was a Garfield head and it was orange. I did some research and i'm pretty sure that it wasn't mdma but instead it was meth.

    I also took a yellow, round, pill that had an obama head in the middle. The pill wasn't in the shape of his head but it was a round pill with his head in the middle. I think someone told me it was pipz but I am not sure.

    I also had this blue pill with these two guns crossing on them. I also am not sure if this was actually mdma or not.

    Overall, I think I just got unlucky. I have some other pills that I researched to see what I thought the ingredients were.. I will post what I think they are and if you can help me by clarifying.

    Red Dolphin - Meth
    Green obama (just like the yellow but green) - Pipz?
    Blue Guns crossing - PCB or mdxx?
    Pinkish / red strawberry - mdma
    Purple Strawberry - mdma
    Blue UFC - crack?
    Blueish BMW - mdma
    Pinkish BMW - mdma
    Green Wildcat - mdma?
    Green Marijuana Leaf - amphetamines
    Orange Naked Lady - mdma
    Pink Teddy Bear Head - mdma?

    These aren't all mine. A few of my friends have them so don't try and freak out on me for supposedly having a lot. I actually only have a couple but these are all the pills that we have together.

    Hopefully someone can help me further identify or tell me whats good / what to stay away from.

    My friends and I plan on taking some for homecoming / new years.

    thanks so much.
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    Check that site out its very useful and make sure the posts you check are current. Ecstasy pills will vary from area to area even with the same colors and logos. Usually once one quality 'brand' pill is made copycat pills are quickly made to cash in on that pills success. So I nor anyone can tell you 100% what pills you got. If you plan on doing E alot it would probably be smart to invest in a pill tester too.
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    I already checked on both of the sites stickied at the top of this section. That is how I found out what was in them but I wanted to see if anyone else here have taken these specific pills and what the effect was like.
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    outta those i'd definitely pick the purple strawberry first. the darker colors, purple and blue, are always the best.
    i do not like green ones, they feel good for a bit but the day after is terrible.
    the blue ufc is a good, reliable good roll. pretty sure it has mdma in it
    i've had orange naked ladies before too. eh, just an average roll.
    i dont like reds.
    never tried pink

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