Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by wildflowereyes, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

  2. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

    looks like a good time. :)
  3. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    Party? They're on a train.
  4. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    i dont know about you, but i wouldnt have that much trouble partying on a train...

    but if you only go to parties at houses.. well have fun with that.
  5. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    that looks strangely like the festival express...
  6. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

    it's a clip from that movie.
  7. darksideofthemoon

    darksideofthemoon Senior Member

    man... parties arent that good anymore

    i wish i was around for those days... jeez i hate my generation... the people... they mostly suck
  8. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

    parties in the 70s and 80s musta been the sheeet:D
  9. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    i wish parties were like THAT. just drinkin, smokin, singing songs...goood times.
  10. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    and on trains... high on cocaine. :D
  11. SunshineLovePeace

    SunshineLovePeace all you need is love

    I converted another one. [mayn]

    rad clip :D
  12. happy_kel

    happy_kel thug life.

    looks more like a bus ride. but i woulda loved to have been there. damn it
  13. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    hahha.. i was just doing that just for you. i still am sticking with man :p
  14. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    with the exception of the train, my parties tend to be an awful lot like that...
    it is still possible to have fun like they did back then :D
  15. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    but not WITH them :(
  16. schwahead

    schwahead Senior Member

    parties are like that?!?!?!
  17. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

  18. darksideofthemoon

    darksideofthemoon Senior Member

    maybe it's different where i am... if someone was to play an acoustic guitar at a party round here... it would get smashed and they would get the shit kicked out of them

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