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    disclaimer: i don't title my poems.
    so i classify them by the day that each was written.
    here, i've combined three separate ones...

    in the aftermath of the trip,
    i saw myself distinct from my scattered and varied states of mind.
    there is a higher level of clarity even within the grayest confusion.

    woke up from unrealized dreams,
    then realized in music-beauty-love,
    the truth in two cups of tea.

    i wanted to share this with her.
    my rest and recovery, and straightening arrangement.

    the light, sunshine, and soulmate
    divine producing happiness

    is what i enjoy for myself, is what i want to give.
    to see the face of God and feel how to live.

    how healing process the pain, begin again.
    memory resounds in familiarity.

    adding lines and stopping to think
    that perhaps the things we done,
    are small crackers, lapsed in the past,
    and my mind in mirrors, itself refracts...

    always always preparing us for the present,
    eternal things that happened then are,
    subtle in shaping the waking now.

    that regrets i lost stay gone, somehow,
    i forgot the wincing, holding on.

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