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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by Mastorbatoir, Jan 22, 2009.

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    I've grown up for almost 12-13 years of my life humping my mattress as a means of masturbation. At least once every night before I sleep, and sometimes I'll go for a quick second.

    Masturbating via mattress-humping has always been rather quick too.. I was afraid maybe I'd have to deal with premature ejaculation once I've actually engaged in real intercourse. However, on and off, I've decided to masturbate traditionally with hand and porn. As I've figured out, I just can't reach ejaculation in using the hand method. I've tried with lube and dry. I've tried it standing, sitting, lying down, with my hand in different grips, different areas of my penis, etc. And it's not even at a slow pace, sometimes I'll go super fast for 10 minutes straight and I get nothing. I just get so frustrated I start wacking the damned thing hard on my stomach and legs, and still... NOTHING.

    Today, I watched a porn vid, I skipped to 5:00, after I finished my masturbation attempt, the time was 52:37... and no ejaculation. Finally, I grabbed some pillows and just humped my mattress, and in no time I orgasmed and cummed. This method is really picky too. I have to have a certain type of underwear with the wide, rough elastic band and I need two pillows to grab onto (one doesn't work nearly as well). Yes, if you're wondering, I just jizz in my trunks and sleep it out until the morning and take a shower..

    What's the deal? Have I grown too accustomed to the damn mattress? Is it maybe that I concentrate too much when I use my hands??
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    You're probably thinking too much... If you can, I would go a week without masturbating via this method (or at all if possible) and then try "manually". If you really can not at this point it's possible this may be (or developing into) an odd paraphilia.

    this is interesting though, usually this is a girl's method. At least, humping a pillow was my first way of masturbating when I was a young girl.

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