Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by invisible, May 9, 2004.

  1. invisible

    invisible Member

    hey people, i juz wanna share something, i had an affair with my girlfriend juz last night, you know the touching, kissing and even the process of making love, then it took three hours for me to cum... why so long?

    that i do not know...
  2. Danielle

    Danielle Member

    On any allergy med.(Anti-Histamines). My man couldnt cum well was gettied tired and frustrated b 4 he could get there and some one on this post bored said not to try and have sex while on Anti-Histamines because of problems cumming. My man was like hmmm and so he asked his doctor and his doctor confirmed it. So now he trys to give about 14-15 hours of taking a pill b 4 he knows hes going to be alone with me just in case we have sex. Cause we both love when he cums ;) Then again who wouldnt ...well for the most part it works after bout 14-15 hours and if he cant cum he and i both knows it still feels great if neither of us cum. but some times i feel bad cause 95% of the time he makes me cum.
  3. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    lol, do you mean you cheated on her with yourself?

    i dont think it counts, and if it does, it shouldnt.

    yeah she raises a good point, a number of drugs can make ejaculation difficult.
  4. invisible

    invisible Member

    hey but im 17!!! i dont agree...

    maybe it is because im prone to mastubation!!! in fact i do it almost everyday!!!
  5. Luvrgrl

    Luvrgrl Member

    was that the first time you ever had sex? It's not a surprise that you didn't cum, although it is kinda weird with you being a boy and all, most boys have no trouble cumming since their penis is stimulated directly by intercourse, and a woman's pleasure center isn't stimulated by intercourse.
  6. migle

    migle Senior Member

    don't worry about that invisible, first times i was with a girl, i took real much time to cum, but it's because you're over-excited, and your body doesn't respond in the same way you are used.
    And look at the advantages on staying long :)
  7. Nick

    Nick Member

    I wonder if that would work for my premature ejac. problem?

  8. I think I need to tell my bf to maturbate cuz his sex drive is driving him up the wall....

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