Discussion in 'Health' started by Duncan, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Duncan

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    Anyone here go for it? use it? Swear by it?
  2. nimh

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    ::sigh:: wish i could afford it! :D
  3. ophelia68977

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    I like to give them, and receive them if I get the chance.
    A free massage from a friend can be just as therapeutic as an expensive professional massage.

    And I use them for headaches, which I get a lot.
  4. experiperson

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    I was once at my friend's house when his younger sister came home stressed from work. She had just started working at a restaurant, and she hated the way her manager and customers were treating her. Since I worked in customer service longer than she had, I knew how much she had to put up with. Hoping to cheer her up (as a surprise to her), I placed my hands on her shoulders and started massaging her shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, and upper back. The moment I placed my hands on her shoulders, her demeanor suddenly changed from angry and annoyed to cheerful and happy as she exclaimed, "Ooooh! Thank you! I could use a back rub right now!" I could tell from her cheerful positive feedback and occasional giggles that she was really enjoying the back rub I was giving her, and it was causing her bad day to dissipate. Finally when I was done, I wrapped my arms around her for a hug, made eye contact with her, and asked, "Feel better?"
    "Yeah," she said with a cheerful smile. "Thanks so much for the back rub! I needed that!"

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