marty attacks the military

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by FREE, Jun 2, 2004.

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    tommorow is the day,the end of all days,the day i go to my command and attack them it will seem a day of incoherant missions and war time childrens game,to me it will be a day of truth and honor to my own existence in my own minds world... i saw myself walkin into the hanger doors with a smile upon my false face,greetin the men and women ive served with and known to call my brothers and sisters knowin that they have pushed me to this point and the gruesome reality that they will have to face as i pull open the door to the dictators control room,i see myself stopping for a moment to tell a subordanate and discuss with him the reason behind military bearing and the structure in ranks and its importants and as i smile and grow further upon the door to the room of deaf blinded robots that ive come to know as "maintenance",i draw from a half empty sea bag and large,florescent purple 18 inch dildo!!!!! and begin whacking long time military lifers in the head with it while screaming"you got dick hit!!! you got dick hit!!!
    and running away to the nearest hippster commune to be cool calm and laugh at those who took a impressionable strike for their country,for their president bush and for the protection of our citizens.
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    Well that's waaaay better than blowin' them all away with a machine gun I guess (goin' postal!) I hope you make a clean getaway. You know they'll come lookin for ya. But I can certainly understand your reluctance to go back to the Gulf again!

    I bet they made & broke more than one promise to you, too. And once you're back there they might not let you come home again as promised.

    It's fucked, you're fucked, the world is fucked, so you might as well wack a few ppl with a big purple dildo (I won't ask what you're doin' with one...) ;)

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