Married Women Having Sex At Work

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Cashtwenty2, Jan 21, 2017.

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    I did numerous times, when I was younger and in the Navy, with women I stood watch with. They were always quickies, with only a couple lasting more than 5 mins. We'd usually hook up again after the watch. Then as a civilian, many times with women that I worked with, or worked for me. Only a few times actually in the office, with the norm being after drinks and then the hotel. It was never awkward, for me anyway. I don't recall any ever acting weird afterwards.
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    When we decided to have an open relationship, she was the one who said No friends or co-workers. After a while we changed that. Not so many friends but people we worked with. Since 90% of her co-workers were women. Her encounters were, when she attended conventions, or workshops. Most of the women I meet were married, some with their husbands consent.
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    I had sex at work once with my manager. He knew very well I'm married and have kids but showed extreme interest in me. I knew he was only interested in sex and nothing more and after months of flirting we wound up working on a project after hours. He wasted no time in coming on to me and I never stopped him. Well I ended up being bent over a chair in his office and he really did screw me hard. I moaned and had two orgasms before I felt him cum in me. The crappy part was when he pulled out. He made me feel terrible asking me if I had natural births and if my vagina always smells. It was after a 14 hour shift I obviously wasn't clean. I had given birth 3 times naturally. Well I resigned not long after because he told plenty of staff he screwed me
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    He was definitely NOT a gentleman! A gentleman never tells!
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    i had sex at work once, i was worried about it a lot honestly...:anguished:

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