Married Women Having Sex At Work

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Cashtwenty2, Jan 21, 2017.

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    I did numerous times, when I was younger and in the Navy, with women I stood watch with. They were always quickies, with only a couple lasting more than 5 mins. We'd usually hook up again after the watch. Then as a civilian, many times with women that I worked with, or worked for me. Only a few times actually in the office, with the norm being after drinks and then the hotel. It was never awkward, for me anyway. I don't recall any ever acting weird afterwards.
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    When we decided to have an open relationship, she was the one who said No friends or co-workers. After a while we changed that. Not so many friends but people we worked with. Since 90% of her co-workers were women. Her encounters were, when she attended conventions, or workshops. Most of the women I meet were married, some with their husbands consent.
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    I had sex at work once with my manager. He knew very well I'm married and have kids but showed extreme interest in me. I knew he was only interested in sex and nothing more and after months of flirting we wound up working on a project after hours. He wasted no time in coming on to me and I never stopped him. Well I ended up being bent over a chair in his office and he really did screw me hard. I moaned and had two orgasms before I felt him cum in me. The crappy part was when he pulled out. He made me feel terrible asking me if I had natural births and if my vagina always smells. It was after a 14 hour shift I obviously wasn't clean. I had given birth 3 times naturally. Well I resigned not long after because he told plenty of staff he screwed me
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    He was definitely NOT a gentleman! A gentleman never tells!
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    i had sex at work once, i was worried about it a lot honestly...:anguished:
  6. Yes I did, but it was too much of a hassle. There were too many people sticking their noses in our relationship. She had an overprotective mother and psycho brother, so I couldn't fuck her at her place and was not allowed to take her to mine or to spend time with her on weekends without someone being with us. So I usually saw her at work. But when we got time alone it was usually spent looking over our shoulders because the bosses didn't approve and her friends would often interfere. In two months I think I had 5 occasions where I was alone with her. In EVERY instance we were interrupted by something [like a rushed schedule].

    One night we snuck away from a work party to have sex in the park. This was the moment that I had been waiting for. We had sex, but I wanted to bask in the moment and spend time with her by myself, but her fucking stupid cunt friend kept ringing her. Her friend knew we wanted time alone, but that didn't stop her. I guess it was because her friend wanted a threesome with us and I turned her down.

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