Married Women Having Sex At Work

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Cashtwenty2, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. averageguy6

    averageguy6 Average Ordinary Guy

    Want to cum work for me?
  2. Lvlygrl

    Lvlygrl Member

    Ah haha that's a good one
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  3. jpdonleavy

    jpdonleavy Member

    When I was in my 20s and going to university (I had done a wee stint in the navy first) I worked as a catalogue clerk in the university library which was top heavy with women, some seductive, some sensationally nice, fun, pretty and smart. My boss was a slim New Zealand lady who is long gone now thus no one will know whom I mean - who over the course of a couple of years had affairs with several of us. She was a pretty lady with a good wit and was very sexually responsive. A man generally feels pleasure if his lady appears to enjoy sex with him, unless he's the Dalai Lama who doesn't need any such reassurance. The university-educated cataloguing iibrarians who had a BLS (minimum) on top of their basic baccalaureates, included a lovely redhead who'd done her five years in the Royal Canadian Air Force and another one who was a classically lovely woman. I managed to have happy times with both of them (consecutively). A fourth girl was a tall, lovely ex-airline hostess, but she was amazingly gullible and failed to meet the standard on a quality I love - the art of the endless conversation. However, she was amazingly compliant.

    Later in life when I was out on naval reserve duty I managed to bed a couple of fellow officers and was very attracted to a female corporal who seemed as though she would acquiesce. However, that would have been taboo fraternising. We sometimes played softball together on sports days when ranks mixed together. There were a few other examples but as I got older there were fewer trysts at work.

    Still great masturbation fodder however, in the imagination's Hall of Fame (& the odd tad of infamy)
  4. LanaH102

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    Seeing a pattern here Foxy..heheheheheh Was it truly necessary or would you say you enjoyed some sexual freedom? Does hubby have his own fun time with women?
  5. LanaH102

    LanaH102 Member

    So how does it work now after 11 years? Does hubby get priority over BF or do you give them both priority?
    How often do you spend time with BF? Do you partially live with him?
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  6. JES*

    JES* Member

    I have not but I often daydream about it
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  7. ahsorandy

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    Stop daydreaming about it and start doing it. LOL
  8. JoeyM51

    JoeyM51 Currently locked in chastity for the last 4 years.

    Sad to say that in my much younger days I had sex with two married women. One in my office and one in her office, after hours. After working for 47 years, I saw a lot of sex going on between married employees. In fact, every married boss I had, both male and female, had affairs with other married people at work. Most times it just fizzled out and then one ended up quitting rather than hang around with an ex lover. Some women spend more time and talk with coworkers than they do their husbands. A co-worker will sympathize with them, take their side and generally do what men do, view the women as a potential mate and act accordingly. Sex with a coworker is just sex for fun unlike a marriage that has a lot of boring stuff to do and sex with the same person a thousand times in the same way all the time. Sex in marriage is nice, comforting and loving but it cannot compare to sex with someone you never had sex with before. A new guy will make a woman feel sexy and desirable again at a time when most husbands take their wives for granted. It happens a lot more than spouses are aware of because most never get caught since the sex can be during a business trip or even their lunch hour as one of my married female employees did. She actually bragged about it but it made her happier than her husband did. I do not judge because I was not in a monogamous marriage for most of the 44 years I was married. For us, sex is not the foundation of our marriage and trust. It is just sex and done for fun and excitement.
  9. Kerri

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    I have to be honest - I can't even imagine having sex at work
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  10. ahsorandy

    ahsorandy Member

    Why not?
  11. Kerri

    Kerri Member

    I don't think I'd be able to mix sex and work. The office is not a turn on for me.
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  12. ahsorandy

    ahsorandy Member

    Fair enough. After a 36 year office career, I witnessed many, many office romances. Not many ended well.

    I had many crushes at work, however, I was too shy, or scared, to make a play for the many sexy women I worked with.
  13. Kerri

    Kerri Member

    Of course not many ended well. It's basically a high school relationship.

    I understand having crushes it's the next step I couldn't take
  14. Noserider

    Noserider Goofy-Footed Member

    I've never done this. You know, cuz I'm a real person.
  15. ahsorandy

    ahsorandy Member

    Real people fool around all the time. Some do it in the office environment! ;)
  16. Uncut

    Uncut Member

    I have been there, and it was very awkward for a long time after. Sure was fun while it lasted
  17. Noserider

    Noserider Goofy-Footed Member

    I'm sure they do, but the OP--like all to many in this section of the forums--reads like a Penthouse Forum.
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  18. jpdonleavy

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    is it?

    I disagree!
  19. jpdonleavy

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    So you left a huge digital trail?
  20. Cashtwenty2

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    Well I wasn't totally negligent. We had throw away phones and made up email accounts. Never got caught. I'm sure it's not for everyone but I'm sure some people ( men and women) wouldn't exactly qualify. Kinda like the ones that spend all there time trying to throw you under the bus because theiy're pissed that nobody in the office is interested in screwing them. Yeah the office is full of those kind of people! Why are ugly people so angry?

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