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  1. garf12

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    Does anyone know much about Marinol? I've heard a few friends talk about it, and I just looked up a little info about it online. Here is the basic description of it from the website... MARINOL® Capsules contains man-made dronabinol (THC). Dronabinol also occurs naturally, and has been extracted from Cannabis sativa L. (marijuana).... So anyone ever tried this? From the limited reading I did it sounds like it is given to AIDS patients, and it is still considered schedule 1, but up for rescheduling. Just curious.
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    Well, "Dronabinol" could be technicall correct to be lablled with (THC), but, so is "delta9-tetra-hydrocannibinol". But, only the latter gets you high. All the "Dronabinol" does is give you the munchies.

    Don't buy into Marinol as something to get you high. If you ate like, your whole bottle, you'd probably just get hundrier.
  3. babynug

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    i tried it. a nurse friend got some from work. i thought it would be great to pop a pill and get high without the smoke. but i took like 6 pills, not sure of dosage, and BARELY got a slight buzz. mainly just munchies.
  4. Jesus~

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    One of the side effects of overdose is euphoria and red eyes.

  5. you could just buy empty pills and a grinder and make your own pot pills, if you really wanted to just pop like 6 pills and get high
  6. Cosmo4

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    MARINOL® should be used with caution in patients with a history of substance abuse, including alcohol abuse or dependence, because they may be more prone to abuse MARINOL® as well. Multiple substance abuse is common and marijuana, which contains the same active compound, is a frequently abused substance.

    no drug/drug interactions were discovered during clinical trials of MARINOL®

    It's looking better and better...

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