Marijuana eye twitch! pls help

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by freediver, May 24, 2007.

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    decided to post this in these forums b/c there are probably ppl who know more about drugs in here than in the MJ forums.

    I've been smoking pot super heavily for about a month (manytimes a day of really good shit) and i'm getting this eyebrow twitch at the outside end of my brow on one eye. Its def from pot. I used to get it when i stopped smoking pot cold turky after long period of frequent use, but now I get it FROM smoking and it gets worse when i smoke. I really want to keep smoking bc im doing it to deal with depression right now and it helps but this makes being high unpleasant and being not high inpleasant. I stopped for two days now and the twitch is WAY better only comes at certain times for short period.

    However, i want to keep smoking does anyone know how to stop this? My hypothesis is that its b/c of lack of REM sleep because it happened to me when i barley slept all week for finals and i know pot kills REM sleep. ARe there any ways to increase rem sleep?

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