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Discussion in 'Free Love' started by lacoka, May 23, 2013.

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    how to make a women want to get fucked more ? and how to do an anal sex lol ?? and how to eat a womens pussy ?? and how to make her wet ?? :confused:
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    Watch Jersey Shore.
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    Do it right!
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    I'll tell you, but bear in mind not all people like things done exactly in the same way. Try everything and see what your particular partner likes/accepts.

    To answer your first question: if her sex drive is low, there is nothing you can do. If her sex drive is compatible with yours, but she's not interested, you have to up your game in bed. You have to make it worth her while. It'll mean improving your skills. If you don't give her an orgasm, don't have one either. That will make sure you'll work harder at it. And pay attention to your personal hygiene. Women complain a lot about it.

    Second question: anal sex. Start by licking her ass, playing with it, slowly add a finger that is very clean, with very short nails. Use lube to avoid friction hurting her. If she's receptive, you can try fucking her ass with your tongue and with your finger. Entrance should be slow, to give the muscles down there time to relax. They'll relax faster if you play with her clit simultaneously.

    With a lot of lube, if she's still receptive, you can try getting your cock in. Use plenty of lube and go slowly. The best thing is to just let her do the moving. Once you're in, wait for her OK to move. It is unpleasant to have it completely out, then in for lots of people, so, avoid it at least till she's more used to it.

    Third question: eating pussy. It's pretty difficult and lots of women complain about male incompetence to eat pussy.

    You should try the following things, listening to her moaning to know what she likes best. Flat tongue on her clit, clit between your lips with light suction, same with intense suction, same with your tongue playing on it, same with your clean (and short nail) fingers on her pussy, licking of her labia, mixing it all up, circular motions of tongue around clit, pinching of her clit with your lips and lifting and moving around a little, same, but more intense. Try also: licking and fucking her pussy with your tongue, same, but playing with her clit at the same time (fingers), sniffing her down there with your nose, flat tongue from perineum up and down to clit, while licking labia, alternate with getting it between your lips and pulling a little to sides, up... playing around. Don't neglect licking from below, under her clit hood, with upward movement. Same with tip of tongue, same with flat tongue. Vary speed and range of movements. The list isn't exhaustive.

    When you use your fingers on her, make sure there is enough lubrication. Her own lubrication maybe enough, or not. Your mouth is there, so, if you think your fingers are dry, or she is dry, lick her. Don't spit, because lots of women don't like that: spit is cold. And make sure you shave before, because if you've got a stubble and you're intense at it, it'll hurt.

    If you feel you've reached a good spot (remember: listen to her moaning), stay there. You can leave it and do something else to tease and lengthen her pleasure, but go back to it often, not to lose the good momentum.

    If she enjoys it, you can lick her ass area and ass, too. If you're licking her ass, start less intense. In my humble experience, light licking of an ass is nicer than intense licking. But, again, every person is different. Try both and see what rocks her world.

    Last question: how to make her wet? Oral sex is a good start. You can finger her, too, but be careful not to go too intense, too soon, while she's still dry. It'd hurt and everything that would come afterwards would be unpleasant.

    About other ways to get her in the mood/wet: kissing of neck works with lots of women. Tongue traveling on her body, if you're already naked, good kissing (it involves suction of the tongue, but takes a lot of trial and error to get the intensity right), breathing/kissing/licking ear area, shoulders, feet... the foreplay staples. If you're already in bed, you can use a massage oil on her vagina area and massage, slowly approaching clit and pussy. Google erogenous zones and have a good read.
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    Win the lottery.

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