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  1. _toker_

    _toker_ Toking Up

    hello all. My cousin is growing weed in a field where there are cows and horses, a type of ranch I guess. Completely organic stuff, at least, there's no problems with fertilizers, lol. Now, he's cured the buds but when I took a whiff of it, it smelled like manure, not a lot, but you can perceive it. The bud is still a bit humid, but we took some hits off of it and it's some pretty amazing bud, but I got to worrying that maybe it could be harmful or that it won't last long because of bacterias and that it'll get moldy real soon or something.... does anyone know anything about this? Is it going to harm our health? I stored the buds in a mason jar. Will it get moldy soon?

    I am going to take a month break from smoking... will it last that long? Thanks for your replies
  2. rangerdanger

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    Ever eaten anything organic? Manure is the basis of all organically grown crops; it doesn't make things taste like manure.

    Buds need to be dried by either hanging or keeping in a bag (my preferred method) until almost dry enough to smoke. Then it's time for the cure.
    If you put buds that are too moist in a mason jar they will turn into a gooey worthless mess.

    I don't know why you're worrying about bacteria or pot being harmful.
  3. _toker_

    _toker_ Toking Up

    excellent. I'll put the buds in a bag today.... I hope the last until I can smoke again
  4. SlowNickel

    SlowNickel Member

    Fresh manure has phenols. Bad for your health. And the bud will smell and taste like manure. You can wash out manure if you are not into making a compost. You are better off purchasing a well made bag of compost and mix with sand, stone and a little soil, depending on what you have for soil. No more than 10% clays!!!

    Not much hope drying that herb. We have an old saying, if it looks like sh**, smells like sh**, guess what?

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