Man faces jail for calling MP 'coward'

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Mr. Frankenstein, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Mr. Frankenstein

    Mr. Frankenstein Sunderland

    Must be all those falling crime rates - police obviously dont have anything more important to do...

    Brighton man faces jail for calling Hove MP Mike Weatherley 'coward'

    A university lecturer could be sent to prison for calling a city MP a “coward”.

    Alex Cline faces a two-day trial after a court heard Hove MP Mike Weatherley complained to police about the name-calling in November. The incident took place during a protest at the University of Sussex.

    At the time, Mr Weatherley complained he and his staff had been pelted with rocks by “anarchists” before a planned debate on anti-squatting laws.

    But during yesterday's hearing, Brighton Magistrates Court heard the only person charged with any offence was Mr Cline, for calling the MP a “coward”.

    The 25-year-old faces one count of 'using threatening/abusive/insulting words/behaviour to cause harassment/alarm/distress'.

    He could be handed a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment, a fine of £5,000 or both.

    Mr Cline denies harassing the MP or causing him alarm and distress.

    Speaking after the hearing, Mr Cline's solicitor Lydia Dagostino said: “Mr Weatherley has probably been called worse in the Houses of Parliament.

    “We'll be vigorously defending this case and the defendant's right to free speech.”

    Cases heard in magistrates' court cost the taxpayer around £900 a day.

    Mr Cline of Wenlock House, North Street, Brighton, is a former University of Sussex postgraduate student who graduated from the university in September.

    He now lectures at the Angela Ruskin University, teaching “Video Game Contextual Studies” and “Architectural Gaming”.

    Mr Weatherley and his colleagues previously told how the crowd turned on them at the university.

    He was due to give a talk to the university's Young Conservative group when he was allegedly chased out of the lecture theatre and across the campus.

    Mr Weatherley said: “I have given statements to Sussex Police relating to the way in which my staff and I were physically assaulted at Sussex University. I have faith in the police and have no doubt that those responsible will be held to account in due course.”
  2. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member

    They should have fought a duel, damn modern ways .

    you see people say they want a royal family because of the tourist trade well I feel duels maybe outside parliment could help the tourist trade .

    Anyway I feel a gentleman would not have acted in this way.

    your a coward

    you have insulted my good name I demand satisfaction my seconds will call on you to arrange a time and place .

    Then some cold steel .

    But nowadays its damn law courts and their fancy cowardly ways the countrys gone to hell for sure.

    And if you were worried about death you could duel in the german style where you just risk a nasty facial scar or they could have a fist fight , but no now its courts and suchlike
  3. Gongshaman

    Gongshaman Modus Lascivious

    Yes! Mensur! Love the goggles :2thumbsup:


  4. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member

    well he would get a scar but likely heal up fine and not sure its any worse than a facial tattoo in some ways better
  5. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member

  6. odonII

    odonII O

    Some choice quotes from the crowd:

    “Mike Weatherley’s getting lynched!”

    “Tory Scum, here we come!”

    “One solution, execution!”

    “We’re coming to get you, Mike!”
  7. Mr. Frankenstein

    Mr. Frankenstein Sunderland

    Did they call his wife a whore too ?

    Tory MP Mike Weatherley's wife working as a prostitute

    THE wife of a new Tory MP is working as a £70-a-time prostitute, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

    Mike Weatherley, 53, is one of PM David Cameron’s fresh breed of *ambitious MPs and a pillar of the *community in his seaside *constituency.

    But his Brazilian wife Carla, 39 – pictured with him at the House of Commons just two months ago – sells her body to strangers in three seedy brothels.

    The revelation will be highly *embarrassing to Mr Cameron, who proudly campaigned alongside Mr Weatherley in his crucial marginal constituency at the General Election.

    And when our *reporter visited her at a South London massage parlour on Friday she offered to perform a list of sex acts, before stripping off and *dancing naked.

    During the encounter the tattooed blonde, who also goes by her middle name Adriana, revealed that she also plies her trade in two other brothels.

    The disclosure will cause acute discomfort to Mr Weatherley, who says former hardline Tory Sir Keith Joseph is his hero and has been trying to get into Parliament since 2001.

    Tory *strategists have been keen to talk up Mr Weatherley as one of a “new breed” of modern, family-*orientated Tories, far removed from the sleaze which dogged the party in its last years in government under John Major.

    But on Friday at 4pm, we found Carla working at Sutton Angels *Massage Parlour in South London, just a short train ride from Westminster’s corridors of power.

    After knocking on the side door of a rundown semi *opposite a scout hut on a busy residential street, our reporter was ushered into a front bedroom by the brothel’s maid.

    Within minutes, smiling Carla walked in to the room in pink lingerie and** introduced herself as “Bea”. She then recited a price list, “£30 for hand relief, £40 for oral sex with a condom followed by sex and £70 for oral sex without a condom followed by full sex with a condom”.

    After making herself comfortable on the bed she told how she used to live by Copacabana beach and moved to the UK to learn *English.

    She then spoke about the other two brothels where she works, nearby North Cheam *Massage and Intimate Massage in Bedford. She said: “I started working in Bedford in February, but it is very far away. Here we have two houses, this one and one in Cheam. And I work there at the moment. I cover for my friend because she’s on holiday. I work Thursday there and Friday here. Then, when she is back, I will work Mondays. Thursdays here, Mondays there.”
  8. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    The new breed of Tory MP? Sleezy and cowardly! New? I see no change;)
  9. odonII

    odonII O

    I have no idea. That's all it states on the website.
    I would imagine somebody made reference to it.

    Mr Weatherley ... said he was unaware his wife is a prostitute saying: “Oh no. It’s a bit of a shock.
    We *separated in February and I had *absolutely no idea at all.

    “We’ve kept in touch and have lunch together every week so we’re still good friends.

    “That’s a horrible shock... thank you for letting me know.”

    'I am still very shocked by the news and am trying to come to terms with it,' he said. 'I do have proof that we have been separated since February which I can show if needed.'

    This was back in 2010. I'm not sure if he is still technically married to her.
  10. Mr. Frankenstein

    Mr. Frankenstein Sunderland

    Ah, I suppose it's just Tory philosophy in action -

    "Everything's for sale. Including my wife."

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