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    What do you do with yours?
  2. moondance

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    Kill them before they pollinate the females.
  3. StonerBill

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    Heres what you do:

    when the male is reasonably young, and has just begun to flower, cut off all the flowers. where they once were, graft in some femal buds, acquired from another plant.

    whenever new male flowers start growing, graft in female flowers, or simply sun-leaves.

    seal the grafts with cannabis oil, and wrap them in string or with some sort of band or elastic.

    eventually, the plant may turn into a female.

    If you dont want to risk wasting bud, alternatively, as SOON as you identify a plant as a male, cut off practically the whole upper section of the plant, and graft in a similar sized section of female plant (like from a fully grown plant youve had for a while or something)

    a developed root system however is too precious to throw out.

    try this method! and get back to me


    If I'm starting out from seed again and not clones and some males pop-up, I choose the best one and kill the others. I let it grow but cover the pollen producing areas with tubes of see-thru paper, (the stuff that bread is sold in from a baker, paper one side a window of see-thru plastic on the other with tiny holes,) . This way it will not pollenate all the females so I can collect the pollen and and introduce it to 1 select female to produce seeds, if need be.

    Generally, the best way is to clone, but can become boring growing the same strain all the time. I only buy feminised seeds when starting a new crop, but this is expensive.
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn



    What do you mean, ''nar''.?

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