Male Multiples, or lasting longer?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by Kether, May 12, 2007.

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    How to explore male multiple orgasms
    How to do Kegel Excercises(Male)
    Male Multiple Orgasms
    I started masturbating when I was eleven or twelve. For the next few years, I basically would wait till the "tension" would build up too much, and then jerk off, cumming really quickly. Rinse, wash, repeat. Basically, this has been my sex life since then, and well, I've gotten bored. I was reading a book ("Modern Magick" by Donald Craig, on the Golden Dawn, Crowley, and all that), and came across that something that made me realise there could be more to my sex life than that(well, obviously a partner would be an obvious way to increase enjoyment, but hey, I'll work with what I've got at the moment). The book was arranged in lessons that were meant to be done a month per lesson, and Chapter 10 was about sex magick(again, coming from a Golden Dawn, Crowley/Thelema, Western Ceremonial stance, but with pseudo-Eastern aspects as well). It opened me up to the possibility that men could learn to control their orgasm, fuck for much longer, seperate their orgasm from cumming, and even experience multiple orgasms.

    Now, it was all neo-Tantra type info, which as far as I understand it is far removed from the Tantra of the East. I read somewhere that yogi's undergo 12 years of asceticism before beginning Tantric practise, they need a guru with a traceable lineage, and any sex aspects are minimal and part of a greater whole. I know what I'm talking about here isn't Tantra, but some Tantric or Yogic terms mixed up with some modern sexual thought, and labelled "Tantra".

    Now I masturbate in the morning, for at least fifteen minutes, and try to refrain from orgasm/cumming until the Sunday morning of every week. This might seem a little scheduled and not very spontaneous, but I enjoy my (slightly) drawn-out jerkin' sessions much more than I did my quick cummings and goings of before(lasting usually half a minute, sometimes up to five minutes if my arm was tired), and the tension is now conciously allowed to build up. It makes for a killer explosion on Sunday, leaves me something to look forward and work towards, and gives me a sense of control.

    Okay, got a little side-tracked here. My point was this: Has any of the men here experienced much or even any success with techniques as described in the links above? How long can you "last"? Has anyone here successfully seperated the orgasm from cumming? Experienced multiple orgasms? Care to share stories of your success(or failure)? Got any hints, tips, anecdotes?

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