Male Multiple Orgasms?!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Schpudmon, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Schpudmon

    Schpudmon Member

    So I saw this book on Amazon called The Multi-Orgasmic Man and was like, ‘cool—maybe I’m missing out on something.’ It got 4-and-a-half stars out of 5 from the reader reviews, of which there were about fifty posted. Most of them were gushing about it; ‘this book improved my love life, I can go forever and have as many orgasms as I want…blablah, blablah, blablah.’ But what little I gathered from the book’s description and the few negative reviews made me pretty leery. The book apparently goes into Tantra and energy fields and eastern philosophy in addition to its more practical scientific advice, and among some of the claims by the author is one that ejaculation is actually bad for a man’s health based on the fact that:
    1. Some ancient Chinese dudes said so
    2. You get tired after ejaculation.
    Now, being skeptical of spiritual matters and completely moronic statements, I’m kind of moved to doubt the credibility of anything the author might say. One guy mentioned that if you ignore all the spiritual hoopla and pay attention to the practical advice, it works all the same. The basic idea, among other things, is to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation, as orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things. One method of doing this, it is said, is to press on your perineum before ejaculation to suppress it. With practice and techniques like this, you can prolong your sex/masturbation session a great deal, and enjoy it immensely along the way.
    One reviewer mentioned something that captured my attention—that the advice given in the book might actually be bad for a man’s health; that it might lead to “sexual congestion” (not sure what the more scientific name for that is). And boy, would that not be cool.
    I kind of wonder if the people who like this book and others like it aren’t already into all this new age Taoist/chi/kung fu stuff and simply feel overly inclined to sing its praises.

    So, what’s the deal on this? Is it credible and/or safe? It’s hard to find reliable information on the internet among the boner pill adverts.
  2. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    how the hell would i know but what fun would it be to jizz at will... if someone pissed me off, i could jizz all over their car... that would be awesome... and sex could get quite messy.
  3. DoggoD

    DoggoD Member

    I have read parts of the book. It is all about supressing the "jizz"! If you pinch if off, it is much easier to have another and another orgasm, until you cant hold it anymore, then you supposedly have some crazy earth moving orgasm. I tried some of the tecniques, and actually ended up hurting myself. Needless to say I didnt try anymore, I value what I have down there and am not going to screw it up just to be mult orgasmic.
  4. romaniack

    romaniack Member

    I read something along those lines and really trust its credibility. I personally had trouble with some of the techniques, When trying them out on a women i supressed my ejaculation but could not get my dick up again... (actually I didnt completly supress the ejaculation, I got a little out... and it didnt feel like an orgasm at all... It actually hurt a little) anyhow I have my own practice and technique... I can have an explosive orgasm maybe if a girl sucks me off or im fuckin her, and then given about two minutes go by and my dick is hard again and it takes a lot longer to get off/... and the next orgasm is usually way more explosive cause ive been workin it...

    but again man thats just me... try to perfect yourself... And I really dont think any one will perfect themselfs using some one elses technique...

    peace and goodluck
  5. SelfStyled

    SelfStyled Banned

    Hmmmm Arthur C Clarke the paranormal expert ( yes I know some people said he was a nonce)once did a documentary about whether Aliens visited Earth and built a giant city with a face on Mars.
    He asked whether NASA covered up the truth of ancient and alien civilisations- as it had decided , openly it would choose to , should it ever discover alien life

    He then asked "Do I think there are aliens or whether the "powers that be" perform a conspiracy to cover up the fact of alien life".
    He then said "No aliens have never visited the Earth and the face on Mars is a trick of the light
    Clarke smiled and looked dead straight at the camera and laughed "unless ofcourse u think Im part of the conspiracy".

    ***********Drawing an analogy , in Ancient China , martial arts and sexual performance arts were closely guarded secrets.Many experts only taught their "inner circle" and even disputed such arts existed when asked by those outside the inner circle.
    Theyd think "what is the point of releasing the coveted information to lose an advantage over everyone else?"

    ( To digress even more , U see this with how crap some martial arts are taught commercially)

    So to answer your question , nope Taoist arts are crap , dont work , never have done.
    Unless ofcourse u think Im in on the conspiracy....!: )
    OK u might be lost now , but Confucius say.....and all that!
    The fact is multiple orgasm and dry orgasms are real and more powerful than ejaculatory ones - but only if u practice the techniques.Dabbling once or twice is a waste of time,.

    Basically the main safety issue is , always draw energy back to your lower abdomen , otherwise itll stay in your head or give u palpitations.
  6. Schpudmon

    Schpudmon Member

    From what I gather, it sounds like something you can get to work given enough experimentation and practice; it's just that the safety issue really bothers me. I've always been leery of the idea of messing with my tubes down there during sex/masturbation. And then I hear there's this possibility of "sexual congestion." Egad.
    Don't know much about the condition, but it seems to me that if there's one thing a guy can do to increase its possibility, it's techniques like this. And from what little I've heard of it, sexual congestion isn't really something that can be treated medically.
    Still, I'd like to find more reliable info. Maybe I should seek a doctor or a sex therapist's advice....
  7. SelfStyled

    SelfStyled Banned

    The only real safety issue is not drawing your energy back down at the end , as far as I know.And that can be done pretty easily.

    As for tubes etc , if u cover the hole of your bellend ,like with super glue , then ok u could have some "sexual con gestion"

    As for the gripping techiniques tho , these are fairly easy to follow , and itd be impossible to burst any tubes .

    Also , u should "warm up" before practicising.Foreplay is v imp for guys too and will enahnce the experience.
    Itll also alleviate little muscle strains that might make people worry that theyve damaged something.

    Taoist sex is 2 stages.1)is strengthening the PC muscles and using muscles to block ejeculation
    Stage 2 is circulating energy round yours and your partners body .
    This can feel like a cross between heat and magneticism.

    I rememeber when I started, I stopped ejaculating for2 weeks , my energy built up.
    It felt like my lower stomach had become a hard on in its own right.When ure proficient u can move that pleasure zone round the body , and even into someone else's.
  8. RageRock

    RageRock Member

    I was watching the sex files once on tv and it said right before you squirt you can press on the tube like dealy between your balls and your hole and you can feel the cock snot build up then you let it go and it will usually flow out of your monster, and then you continue jerking and you will feel the pre-cum stage all over again and i can usually do this 3-4 times before i either get bored or it gets hard to time it with orgasims goin off left and right. WARNING well not really, just a heads up that the first one is still the strongest one and the rest get weaker and weaker so then by the end you are still horny but don't feel like straining your wrist anymore. it was on Tv so i imagine it is okay to do as long as you dont do it a million or so times a day.
  9. TenCentArcade

    TenCentArcade Banned

    I once had three consecutive orgasms in about an hour and a half. Because I'm better than you assholes.
  10. RageRock

    RageRock Member

    consecutive ones, i have think i have done 3 or 4 in an hour or 2
  11. TenCentArcade

    TenCentArcade Banned

    I mean consecutive, as in multiple.
  12. RageRock

    RageRock Member


    supposedly with this thing you can have hands free multiple orgasms without even touching your dick

    also can give you super orgasms!!!

    might have to pick one up!
  14. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    Well not me. One at at time is standard for me, but I don't really mind a bit.

    After a rest -- 15 minutes or maybe an hour, again.

    If there are men who can do more, good for them, but it's so far from my experience that i even have a hard time beleiving it.
  15. Gabino

    Gabino Member

    On the other hand, due to self control and training, I have learned to hold the one I have for an hour or more, and it seems to be good enough to do the job.
  16. Lucifer Sam

    Lucifer Sam Vegetable Man

    I did actually this the other night on accident... I managed to have two nice orgasms about three minutes apart. Nice.
  17. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    Me too. Especially given that ejaculating does not make me "tired." Give me a break. The only thing that makes you tired might be the fact that you have to either work your arm, or your hips, to have an ejaculation! I mean, DUH!

    Of course it does.

    Well, here's the deal: I don't believe that the limiting factor in how long a man can go is whether he releases his semen or not! So if you have an "orgasm" without an "ejaculation," why should that matter?

    Good for you! You are demonstrating a healthy and informed level of skepticism, and I respect that.

    Sorry I can't help you with that, but my view is, I'm really thankful and happy that I happen to work really well in that department. I'm reliable and enduring and while I may not have "male multiple orgasms," I'm good for quite a few of them in a "session" and can stay hard for LONNNNNG periods at a time. :D

    I don't know what's responsible for that. Maybe you're born that way. I couldn't begin to tell you how to make yourself that way, though. I just know that all my life, I have had good sexual endurance. I mean, I can end up coming really quick if I'm really hot and am not trying hard to hold back... but I either stay hard after I come, or I get hard really quick after I come, so I never worry, and never have worried, about "premature ejaculation." It was never something that was going to put the kabosh on a night of sex.

    I think it comes down to how sexual you feel, actually. The focus and intensity of your libido. That's what makes you able to keep going and going.

  18. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    Dude, of course you are going to claim that I cannot imagine it because I cannot do it, and that if I could, I would, but...

    You don't seriously expect us to believe that you sit around experiencing orgasm for an HOUR, do you?

    Even 15 minutes would be bizarro. Anyone who thinks about the feeling of an orgasm, and then thinks of it for an HOUR... understands that you surely must be exaggerating just a tad.

    And don't go thinking that I'm saying this out of jealousy, 'cause I'm just fine with my own sexual ability.

  19. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    This stuff would have more credibility if its adherents used correct words, like "magnetism" instead of "magneticism." :rolleyes:

    This, to me, is mumbo-jumbo new agey crap, and I'm sorry, I just don't go in for it. Orgasm is orgasm -- it's a neurological/neurochemical thingie combined with muscular contractions and stuff, not about circulating mystical "energy" and if anything, all you're really talking about spreading to another person is erotic passion, which yeah, might feel like "energy" in the heat of the moment.

    If you stopped ejaculating for two weeks, chances are all you were experiencing was the horniness of going without! Why must you attribute all sorts of "taoist" or whatever stuff to that? You're overcomplicating it. Everyone knows what it's like to go without sexual release for a while.

    And the reason why your orgasm seems more "explosive"? You've stored the maximum of semen that you can in your ampula. You have more to discharge than you would if you simply were orgasming for the third time in two days!

    Now, one thing I have noticed is that if I masturbate for a while, and don't orgasm, and then again, and again, and finally allow myself release, it's a much more liquidy, voluminous ejaculation. That is prostate fluid, I'm pretty sure. It's like building up saliva in your mouth, but then not swallowing a bunch of times. Eventually you have a mouthful of saliva, right?

  20. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    OMG, have a little self-respect and READ your posts before you send them!


    Come on, man. At 30, you shouldn't be writing like you're in 4th grade anymore! Just pay a little attention and TRY a little.

    It's not the difference between being a dolt and being a genius -- it's the difference between not caring, and caring.


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