making my bra into a pocket

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by linda617, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. linda617

    linda617 Member

    when i go out dancing into the big city i carry my change purse and cell phone inside my bra cup. one of the girls i go with is a long time friend thats gay and she gets turned on when i do this. is this something other women like seeing women do? can i ask if you do this yourself and what your reaction is?
  2. jia

    jia Member

    Not me, but everyone has their own little weird turn ons. Sometimes I'll put cash in my bra but damn, my cellphone and change too? I got a iPhone now but I used to have one of those thick smartphones it would look like i have a rectangular boob.
  3. Koi0909

    Koi0909 Member

    hey im in the same boat... haha i put my phone, money, and anything i need in my bra haha... and i do seem to get the lone glances and stares when i take my phone out to text haha... hopefully you dont have to dig too far to get to what you need!!
  4. sar31

    sar31 Guest

    I do this all the time with my phone if I don't have pockets or reliable pockets. Being a girl can be quite useful =P

    As for finding it attractive.. never really saw it or thought about it like that.
  5. That's kind of odd to find it a turn on...unless seeing change fall out of your bra is a turn on for them...

    I find it being a great cell phone holder when you don't want to haul around a purse or stick it in your pocket.

    Humm...what other random stuff can go in your bra...?
  6. you are right friends because some peoples earn from bra so they kept their money in that place,, some time your change sliped from the bra and it move to some other place it would be funny to catch that thing in the public
  7. BornHippy

    BornHippy Member

    I put my id and muny down bra, dnt take phone to town cause cant fit it down there! PEople stare when i try find my cones down there i guess haha guys mostly, one reason y i like to stay at gay bar lol
  8. thewayiam983

    thewayiam983 Member

    I don't think that carrying anything in a bra is a turn on, but it's hard not to notice and then stare when the girl your with reaches her hand into her shirt... I kind of follow it with my eyes and the nearby parts are then a distraction =P
  9. squibbles

    squibbles Member

    Im not a girl but I see them do it all the time cell phones money, anything important.
  10. SpaceBud

    SpaceBud Guest test this out my girlfriend just put her wii nunchuck in her bra and well....yes, yes it was a turn on. interesting. it only works with nice boobs though.
  11. kitkatalice

    kitkatalice Member

    I have big boobs therefore lots of room. Last time I went to the club I stashed my blackberry, ipod touch, and $40 in there.
  12. GaiaGomena

    GaiaGomena Member

    all of this talk has convinced me that i should go ahead and patent my Brocket idea! a bra with a closable change/phone/key/stash pocket between the cups.. or inside the cups, if u prefer... it's so hard to pickpocket, so easily accessable to the wearer, and it's provoctave to see a woman reach into her bra to get her money or what have you.

    thank you ladies, i'll make millions! don't steal my idea! haha wait, would anyone actually buy that?

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