MAGA hats remind of youth rebellion

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unfocusedanakin, Feb 18, 2019.

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    Right, because unhinged losers on the left NEVER do any horrible shit to people over silly political affiliations. They were really good sports about it and all went home to figure out how to win the next election.

    And really, Hillary was far more qualified than Obama. He "won" by pulling the race card all through his campaign "I don't look like those guys on the dollar bills" etc. He played black Americans the worst of all, but they still fawn over him.

    At least he exposed how stupid so many democrats are. Especially the ones who "demanded" a 3rd term for him. It's as if they never bothered to read any of the documents that spell out how our elections work. And the fact that we have no kings here.

    My personal opinion is that Obama squandered the potential of the nation during his term to push a racial narrative that was NOT about bringing Americans closer together. We'll be living with his manufactured divisions for the next generation.
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    LOL Yeah but let’s face it your personal opinions have never stood up well to examination.

    Oh well so what ‘racial narrative’ are you talking about, as far as I know Obama had a white mother and black father isn’t that actually a bringing together in a ‘racial narrative’?

    So in what way did his Presidency manufacture a division?
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    I must lead a sheltered life here in Oklahoma. I've never seen or heard of a mob grabbing a woman's vagina for any reason--ever. Is there a police report? But from the description, this alleged incident involving Six-eyed's alleged girlfriend occurred in a public bar in LA on election night when the votes were being counted. How did they know she was a Trump supporter? Was she unwise enough to be wearing a MAGA hat or crowing about her candidate's success? I don't know. You don't know. All we have is her sketchy description of the alleged incident, filtered to us through Six-eyed, who's been scouring the news for stories like this to discredit the "fringe left" while playing down anything negative about the "fringe right". The story has the aroma of Pizzagate about it--something the gamergate punks at 4chan or the like might make up.

    As for your opinions about Obama and Hillary, I think you're wrong, and so did the American voters who re-elected him to a third term and would do so again in a heartbeat if they could. He succeeded Bush 43., who gave us two wars, torture and a recession. But lots of folks, I included, would vote for G.W. again if the alternative were Trump. What is your documentation about those stupid Democrats who thought they could vote for Obama for a third term? How many were there? Where did you hear about them? Are you perhaps referring to the results of the poll by WPA Intelligence showing over two-thirds of Democrats would have liked to see Obama serve a third term instead of Democratic presidential candidate Clinton having one term. If I'd been included by the sample, I'd have said the same thing. The poll didn't ask about whether or not it would be possible for Obama to serve a third term. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.
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    I guarantee nobody in this thread is getting their dick sucked tonight.
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    Shes has to pay her rent some how .. ;)
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    I thought being a white guy in a chinese city would make it easier, even for you? :-D
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    Thing is that when challenged 6 does have a habit of bring up a story that is helpful – accused of been Islamophobic and he told us he had house shared with some Muslims, when it was implied he might be racist and he told us he fancied a ‘brown Mexican’ girl and had had sex with a black women.

    Wow and now we have pussy grabbing liberals
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    Yea, I'd be surprised to hear about it in Georgia as well.

    Obama never really succeeded GW. He spent 3/4 of his administration whining about what he "inherited" from the previous administration. When have we seen a president do that? I would say Carter, but he didn't have to, Nixon was indeed, "a crook". Carter brought us grief by sitting on his ass while Iran held American hostages and displayed them for the world. It's almost as though he was paving the way for Reagan, who trickled us down.

    My perspective on the Clintons originates from my time in Memphis back in the early 80s. They were famous for all kinds of lame reasons (like Bill's weird arrangements with state troopers). Then came the mysterious suicides and prison terms for accountants and secretaries (or their families would suffer).

    What's still funny to me is that while I don't trust anyone in Washington, especially the president, I'm somehow a "Trump Supporter". It's amazing.

    But I guess there's some validity to that claim since I did vote for him. However, it was my only way to vote against the Clintons, so I took it. Otherwise I don't particularly care for him and never have. I thought his bit in Home Alone was clever (though he didn't write it), but otherwise he's just another filthy rich bastard who climbed over people to get where he is.

    One reason I laugh at all the ruckus about him being a "racist" is because he clearly discriminates against anyone below so many millions of worth. It's SO not a color thing with him. It's class all the way. The people pushing racism in everything from ice cream to time itself are driven by those who want to keep class out of the discussion. Our masters want us fighting among ourselves and orchestrate it with great efficiency.

    So I see glomming onto the left or the right as just another way of being led to the slaughter. I have to admit though, I miss the Liberal Republicans and Conservative Democrats I have known over the years. I only wonder now which will hit first; the recession (which will morph into a decades-long depression) or the war.
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    I'd move there specifically for that reason. I've done jobs from Garden City to Topeka. Nice looking part of the country.
  10. WritersPanic

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    It's a sucker bet (pun). Many of us get ours in the morning!
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    What kind of war are you hinting at here?
  12. Balbus

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    What a lot of hot air to say fuck all.

    So you voted for Trump but who else have you voted for? I mean you seem to be anti-Clinton because of conspiracy theories and anti-Obama because of the ‘racial narrative’ but what people do you like politically?
  13. GuerrillaLorax

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    Clinton spending her political career as a imperialist war-mongering psychopath is just a conspiracy theory? What a relief!

    In other MAGA news: [​IMG]
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    Let me just add to this – it occurs to me that what 6 is describing happened to this woman would be a serious sexual assault in the UK and since it happened in a public place with witnesses and maybe CCTV (in the UK virtually all bars have CCTV) it would be easy to get a prosecution and conviction and I’d be happy if that had happened as I am very much against such behaviour and a conviction would be a strong message that this is not acceptable behaviour.

    So 6 can I ask, did this woman press charges, and if not why not?
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  15. 6-eyed shaman

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    She was wearing Trump attire when she went out to the bar. That was enough to get her in trouble.
    Seeing how feminists at the women's march grabbed Owen Shroyer's penis as he was trying to take interviews, I'll take her word for it over your no-true-Scotsman remarks.

    VIDEO: INFOWARS Host Owen Shroyer Sexually Assaulted At Women's March
  16. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    From what she told me, she was outnumbered and wanted to get the hell out of there. She contacted the bar later if they had any surveillance footage of it. But they had none. So she couldn't press charges against strangers.
  17. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    Why is this unwise? I personally don't own any Trump attire and would never bother buying any. I don't like Trump enough to do that. But it's her first amendment right to do so. If you think it's unwise, then maybe you're aware of the Intolerant Left and their violent tendencies.

    Throughout the course of my life, I've seen the definition of 'racist' change. It used to mean prejudice or discrimination directed at a certain race. Now it means anyone who disagrees with a leftist or hurts their feelings.
  18. Okiefreak

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    Under the circumstances--a public bar in Los Angeles during a ballot countdown , and wearing Trump attire, no less, I'd say her behavior was risky, to say the very least, but certainly no excuse for a sexual assault. Same goes for Owen Shroyer, whoever he is. But considering the INFOWARS connection, they may have been crisis actors. Your alleged girlfriend probably made a wise decision to get out as soon as possible, but alas, if the incident wasn't reported or recorded, she's in the same situation as Anita Hill or Dr, Blaisy Ford, not to mention Trump's numerous accusers. What was the bartender doing while all this was going on?
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    It's my First Amendment right to wear a "Hillary for President T-shirt" into any bar in Oklahoma. Wouldn't be prudent. I'm well aware of the intolerant Right and their violent tendencies, and sexual assault would be the least of my worries. As I'm sure you know, the First Amendment protects us only against government actions, not those of private individuals.
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  20. unfocusedanakin

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    "take his coat"
    "punch them in the face I will cover your legal bills"
    "come and take the gun from my cold dead hands"

    All quotes from Trump or his supports that imply they will resort to violence or cruelty since they disagree with you. Their macho view of themselves just likes to think they are the only ones who will do this. It's a right to them you are just a snowflake.

    Here is a nice example. These guys are not American and you would think don't matter with their political views to Americans. They are just joking around with free speech. Yet look at how violent these probably Republicans get over their words at the end.

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    I can honestly say I’ve never seen a white person wear one (in person). I’ve seen it in plenty of YT vids, but none in person.

    Mexicans are a different story. I’ve seen plenty of Mexicans wear them in CA. That might sound hard to believe, but it’s true. I saw them wearing them in Laredo, too.

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