MAGA hats remind of youth rebellion

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    When I was in middle and early high school I was a very different person than I am now. Perhaps shockingly different for some of the people I debate with on here. I would have probably jumped right on board with hating feelings and seeing some sort of higher moral statement or my own man hood in adopting many of the right wing views of today. Real men are not pussies with feelings kind of thing. I was also very interested in viking times and considered myself as white blonde male part of that (even thought my ancestors are from Germany and Scotland).

    Some of the bands I liked were very pro-white rights and without understanding at the time looking back I see I was getting involved in Nazi groups. Older men were telling me things about my race.Maybe why I speak so much against them now. I've noticed now nazis/ alt-right really like Odin. I did too at that time too and many bands I liked sung of how awesome those times were. I saw him as anti-Christian and a return to Pagan values. I guess to the Alt-right it's 100% vikings are white warriors.

    During this time I often wore shirts that had profanity, nudity, or violence on them. Like REALLY vulgar. Any one who listens to black metal can probably back up you wear this stuff to a show not in public or people are upset. There was nothing illegal about this since it was freedom of speech. However, I was often told to leave stores and other times flat out told I could not come in the first place.

    This made me think of the victim-hood of the MAGA hat wearer. You can find many stories online where they say it's unfair they are unwelcome in a business simply for the clothing they wear. Well just like my shirts you are making a statement many people do not agree with. You label yourself as something counter to the values of society. Like my shirts people do not like violence, they do not like racism, so when they see someone who clearly does they do not want to be around them. It's not good for a business to have people like this. It makes other customers unhappy. And remember they say "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". They have this for situations where people are rude, overly violent, or political.

    Oddly just like my shirts though I think that is the point. It was SO COOL to get kicked out or have a teacher bitch. I could go tell my friends how they censor me and what a bunch of pussies they are. It's almost worse if the mall security guard does not ask me to leave. I am seeking attention damn it! What am I doing wrong to not offend this delicate snowflake so city? People need to know I am real man with real views.

    I see this in the MAGA hat too. They are looking for a conflict as well. They see themselves as an outsider in society and deep down they want the insider to challenge them. I was 15 when I figured out this it's not a deep statement people just think I am a dangerous asshole. I mean I look like a school shooter and I live 20 minutes from Columbine. This community is sensitive to people who look like those guys did. Sad to see grown men who did not grow out of this still looking so hard to piss the man off.
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    I've never seen anyone wear a MAGA hat except on TV.
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    There's supposed to be a klansman on every corner too.
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    That's awesome! Definitely good news. I've heard horror stories of entire counties in parts of the US with MAGA lawn signs. But for the hats themselves, I usually only hear of people wearing them when they're assaulting non-white people.

    That's a wierd statistic. Doesn't actually make any logical sense. Unless you meant to include the police?
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    When the last election rolled around there was a lot of anti-Hillary virulence. You probably could have caught someone wearing one here at the time. I wasn't around that year, though. I think the whole MAGA explosion was as much anti-Hillary as it was pro-Trump. With a different opponent, people aren't going to be so zealous. Plus, lightning doesn't strike twice. 2016 was unique.

    My hometown is Republican territory, though. I'm just going to play it low-key, because my peer group are probably Trump supporters. They don't really follow politics.
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    Actually, it does. Sometimes the spark in the sky flashes several times in the same shape as it strikes the same object.

    Thinking that politics is in any way "stable" is very risky. It's why Hillary isn't president (thankfully). She figured it was her "turn", barely campaigned and gave tepid performances in debates. It was almost as if she didn't want it.

    I figure Trump will landslide the 2020 election if the democrats prop up Gropin Joe. The recession of 2021 will probably start between August and October.
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    Youtube keeps burying this video for some reason...

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    I wonder why? Hmmmmmmmmm

    It's interesting the way this is presented. But I'm left with wondering what kind of relationship she already had with the neighbor to be making such a conclusion based on so little. (Naturally, I am aware this was scripted).

    It illustrates the absurdity of assuming someone is a "racist" based entirely on a clip, accent or political affiliation. But then, I think leftists are putting in an admirable amount of effort to portray ALL republicans as racists, klansmen, nazis and anything that ends in -phobe. What's telling is that so many of them don't seem to be getting the coordinated plan.

    Which is why people like Jesse Waters is so easily able to make fools out of people who are not actual leftists, but play the game because it's "popular". In particular I enjoyed him asking what people thought of Obama making Sara Palin his VP. So many were cool with it that it made me wonder if they read articles at all (as opposed to watching 3-4 minute YT videos.

    Here's a bit of turn-about. Sure lefties, this is a scripted production. But, "It COULD have happened". Right? Muahahahahahahahaha HA
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    Lame. How did YouTube "bury" it? Must be a conspiracy, I tell you! Did they also bury the sound, cuz mine had none.

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    Speaking of making fools of oneself, your post and Six eyed' illustrate that nicely. Are we supposed to be impressed that some troll going under the name "P. Martinez" put together a propaganda video portraying a white guy in a MAGA hat as an innocent victim of misperceptions and bias? Of course anybody who can put together a You Tube video could make that claim, but it's only a movie. And we know that. You've taken a page out of Adolf's playbook.
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    More personal shit? What ARE the odds?

    This whole thing about MAGA is beyond childish. It does prove out the utter bigotry and violence of the leftist fools who go around harassing and attacking people, over a hat. As if they have some "right" to exterminate any sign of what the wearer stands for. Once again, to control the narrative right down to the language.

    It's weird how manipulation and audacity are treated differently because of party politics. We should be disgusted by it in any direction.

    By the way, hating people you don't know because of their color, is racist. Just in case you didn't get the memo.
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    I first saw that video back in February. Today however I tried googling that video in the Youtube search by the title "Another day in Trump's America," and I had to sift through lots of noise to find it. Youtube has a habit of doing that to videos to try and suppress viewers from stumbling upon such videos. Sure the short story in the video is all a work of fiction. But it illustrates the reality of reactionary biases.
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    I love how he lives in the Stanton Heights of Pittsburgh, that how we do it here MAGA.
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    Exactly, it "could have happened". And that's really all that matters. Ask Jussie, he knows.
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    But it didn't. It was made up to stir shit. And that's all that really matters, and why you posted it here. I get a lot of the MAGA hat persecution complex from my friends at a Catholic bible study group I attend weekly. They're convinced those Kentucky teens in the MAGA hats were targeted by the media because they were pro-life and Catholic. Wearing a MAGA hat say's "I'm for Trump", something that's excusable in adolescents, and possibly adults by virtue of their invincible ignorance. Your video says it over and over again, and you should know better. No excuse for that!
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    It was made to show the mindset of the average american fringe leftist. And how they weaponize racist accusations for political gain.

    I remember when people wore Obama shirts and hats. I don't remember any hooligans harassing them out of restaurants, denying them service, or physically attacking them like I see happening to people wearing Trump attire.

    I'm just starting to date a new girl. She's bigger into Trump than I am. She was telling me about how on election night, she was in a bar in LA, and as the results were adding up, angry Hillary supporters were screaming at her and grabbing her vagina telling her "How do you like that, bitch!"
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    That's because Obama was not nearly the vile monster that Trump is. Despite all the efforts to normalize him, Trump is a dangerous aberration in U.S. history. The "fringe left" wasn't raising a ruckus over Romney, McCain or Buah hats or buttons, although the "fringe right" Tea baggers made enough hay with their racist caricatures of Obama as an ape or a savage with a bone through his nose. Hillary supporters were grabbing your date's vagina? I find that hard to believe. Was she doing anything to provoke such a response? Generally speaking, I find it risky to engage in exuberant expressions of partisanship in public places where alcohol is being served while votes are being counted in close elections.
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