Macron's open letter to EU citizens

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EloiseAtThePlaza, Mar 5, 2019.

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    I would love if we had a "Amero" or whatever you want to call it. One currency for Canada, America and all the rest of us with a open border. It would make shopping easy for the Candida who often drive an hour over the border to shop. They do this a lot for cars for example. The American tax is lower and our dealers have more stock.

    Doing this though upsets the right wing Trump voter. How dare we make it easy for Mexicans to cross!

    Some people see "globalization" as bad. As if out country no longer has an density or say in its laws. I don't see it like that. We are all human and all sharing the same planet. The lines on a map are man made.
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    No mate. The question was about post 19.



    Should I highlight the question for you or can you manage from here ;)
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    To some extent yes, but Europe has gone too far with the UK, even stopping us from growing our traditional 'King Edward' potatoes.
    Some of these things can 'creep up' on you without you fully realizing it. We only found out that the 'King Edward' ban appears to have been lifted when an Eastern European country informed us.
    We need to harmonize certain aspects as part of a community, but over bureaucratic rules still seem to plague us.
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    There are very valid concerns for making the American-Mexican border easy to cross for the average mexican. There are also very valid concerns about the consequences of globalisation. But some people just blame everything on globalisation which is nonsensical and tragic. It has many pros and cons.
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    So we need to work on that. Not act like its an inevitable downward slope.
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    Drug trafficking is the biggest issue I can think of.

    America is the biggest consumer of drugs in the world. We don't want a cartel member to walk across the border with meth.
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    Well, these cartels aren't exactly pacifistic :p So the drug trafficking alone is already a bigger issue.
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    All we need now is a government with 2 brain cells that operate at the same time.

    Sadly, if we had that a decade ago, we would be less likely to have voted to leave the EU.
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    To me it seems that actually there's a strong case to be made that America and American culture have had more impact on Europeans in general than the existence of the EU. Certainly in Britain since I was a kid back in the 60s. I think American influence has done more to change and even undermine old fashioned traditional British culture more than any other single influence I can think of. Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing..

    But I agree that the idea that European national identities get eroded by being part of a bigger Europe is simply not true, but even if it were, why would that necessarilly have to be seen as a bad thing? National identities aren't a given of the universe - they were forged by long processes of history, and they can shift - perhaps for the better.
    Scots, Welsh and English all now think of themselves as British, but that certainly wasn't always so.
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    As soon as two cultures meet they will see things in the others culture they like. It's not a bad thing. The new world's furs were very popular in Europe. There are animals we don't have here and it's high fashion. It's not the culture of Europe in 800 AD.

    You in England see Hollywood movies in Europe since it's good art I guess. You eat curry because it was tasty when you visited someplace else.

    Americans listened to the Beatles because they were good. The whole world does Yoga now. People just need to see the whole world and take what they enjoy from it.
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    Yeah, I never feel my identity is being threatened.
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    She just said she Didn't understand not a question a statement
    then she gives an opinion which is her right ! I left it at that !
    I agreed with Wilsjanes post because he is right "Simples"
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    Its pretty clear you refrain from backing up your opinions because you can't. You're the text book example of the manipulated Brexit voter. They played on your feelings and you went with it.
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    Excellent example.
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    Odd isn't it that no one ever addresses Central Bank nor do they wish even for a moment to discuss , analyze the statements coming from these institutions who control our money ?

    Mario Daghi just lowered his 2019 estimate of EU growth to a bare 1.1% very close to flat lining growth rates. It's actually another way of saying "we're stagnate" actions at the moment.

    Where is the strength the EU brags about when it comes to economics ? Draghi has announced further stimulus ( props ) attempting to keep the EU from deflating any further which is not a pronouncement of strength but rather like bailing water form the hull of a sinking ship.
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    That makes no sense What you are saying This thread is nothing to do with what I voted for Why are you trying to turn it into that ?
    I answered your stupid questions about my responses To EATP what more are you looking for
    The EU as it stands is a Failure anyone that cant see that is the one thats being played !
    My opinion and Millions of others no need for me to justify my opinion to you whatsoever

  18. A couple points on the second half of the letter

    He mentions the Schengen area. Electronic passports and face recognition have streamlined border crossings the world over recently more than anything else. Citizens of ASEAN countries dont need a visa to enter each others countries....whats the difference?

    He then mentions setting up a European council for Internal security - you could call it the Shultzstaffel ;)

    Then comes this little chestnut:

    "Our borders also need to guarantee fair competition. What power in the world would accept continued trade with those who respect none of their rules? We cannot suffer in silence. We need to reform our competition policy and reshape our trade policy with penalties or a ban in Europe on businesses that compromise our strategic interests and fundamental values such as environmental standards, data protection and fair payment of taxes; and the adoption of European preference in strategic industries and our public procurement, as our American and Chinese competitors do."

    That is, fair competition, by the way of adopting nationalist preference strategies like China and America do. What else does that infer other than tariffs?

    Then he rants about zero carbon by 2050, when ya'all have only managed to lower it a few percent in the last 20 years. Halve pesticides in 6 years, household pesticides are a bigger problem than commercial ones

    Then its on to European supervision of major platforms, he's talking about controlling the internet and by way of a government body...pffft, no chance

    Then he mentions looking towards Africa, highly hypocritical, the US and Europe own most of Africas debt, hardly any compensation was offered to Africa after WWII let alone colonization. Why didnt Europe look towards Africa 62 years ago when the EEC was formed. The tariffs for non EU members are ridiculous, why not at least do something about those tariffs for African nations?
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    WHAT the fuck are you talking about - where did you get that from?

    I can find no evidence that there was ever a ban? Where are you getting this information from?

    Can you give an exact example of ‘overly bureaucratic rules’?

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