Macron's open letter to EU citizens

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  1. Emmanuel Macron published an open letter to European citizens, calling for European reneissance. The letter was published in newspapers in all EU member states, and online.

    What I liked about it is that it isn't all that sappy, but offers concrete suggestions and solutions.

    If you feel like reading (and I think you should because it's really interesting and relevant), here it is, as well as the link to it (might be easier to read that way).

    For European renewal

    So, in short, some of Macron's suggestions include:

    European Agency for the Protection of Democracies – to protect elections against manipulation and cyber attacks, to ban foreign powers from funding European political parties

    European Council for Internal Security – common border force and a European asylum office, based on obligations and solidarity. Oh and a treaty on defence and security that would include NATO and European allies (European Security Council would include the United Kingdom).

    European Climate Bank – would finance the EU's transition to proposed measures (zero carbon by 2050, pesticides halved by 2025).

    A European food safety force – to improve food controls and to counter the lobby threat (which I personally endorse and care about, especially since it's been proven that some EU residents have been treated as second-class citizens, by being sold second-rate, inferior quality products by several big companies). This would also include independent scientific assessment, which is never a bad thing.

    EU minimum wage – appropriate to each country and discussed collectively every year. Some sort of social shield for all workers. Oh noooes, such socialism.

    Trade policy with emphasis on common and shared standards and interests, penalties for compromising them. The adoption of European preference.

    I like the EU, it's like an umbrella for countries that otherwise couldn't face major world powers on their own. It's very realistic of Macron to remind people of that. But I also like how he mentioned everyday things that directly affect European citizens on a daily basis, like high speed Internet access. I always like to mention the abolition of roaming charges across the EU, as it affects me personally. And let's face it – that shit is neat.


    I also think it is very realistic, given the circumstances, to focus on defence and borders. And climate.
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  2. BlackBillBlake

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    It would be good if we Brits had a leader like Macron instead of the lying, incompetent, self-serving crowd of donkeys in Westminster.
  3. morrow

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    You mean conservatives Bill? There is no party I would vote for, and those independent women.. LOL! The things some women will do for maternity leave... lol
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  4. BlackBillBlake

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    I mean the tories mainly, yes. But to tell you the truth I have not got much trust left in Labour. I think our system is broken and not fit for purpose.
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  5. I feel personally addressed by Macron, and it feels really nice.
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  6. MeAgain

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    Must be nice to have an intelligent leader.
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  7. Driftrue

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    Thanks for posting this. It's the kind of thing that restores a bit of faith in humanity.
  8. new Athenian

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    Sounds more like the mumbo jumbo we've been hearing for years. Year after year governments promise a better , safer and more prosperous life and year after year those promises drift further from reality lost in the fields of broken dreams and baseless hope. LOL
  9. He didn't promise anything.
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  10. Mallyboppa

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    Macron has plenty of problems in his own country !! perhaps he would be better sorting his own House out First ! (Just an Idea )
    Yellow Vest protests persist, three months on
    What started out three months ago as a protest against rising fuel taxes quickly evolved into a wider opposition to Macron's style of government and policies.
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  11. Driftrue

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    Maybe if we thought of Earth as one big house.. Just an idea : )
  12. Asmodean

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    I like how ZenKarma's avatar puts it: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children.”

    Attributed to chief Seattle.

    Edit: sounds like it could be seen as a house indeed :-D
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  13. It's not mutually exclusive.
    He can deal with domestic problems and address EU issues at the same time.

    Plus the EU kinda concerns us all.
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  14. What in the letter did you not like?
  15. new Athenian

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    Couched in those very proposals are promises of more standardized wages, environmental protection, EU security, better food safety, trade polices etc. that is unless we're believe the aim is just to build up new government agencies without any real mission.
  16. 6-eyed shaman

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  17. YouFreeMe

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    Well written and filled with practical ideas and good sense. Thank you for sharing, Eloise.
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  18. lode

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    Good for Europe. Easily in the worlds 6 best continents!

    But seriously, I'm not an expert in the EU politics, but this all sounds pragmatic and in Europe's best interest.
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  19. Mallyboppa

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    The very things he is asking for are the things the Yellow vests are having to Riot for in his own country ! is it the EU stopping him doing it or something else ? and is that why he is saying the EU should change ? (which I agree with ) !!
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    Lol in the top six out of seven Thats funny !

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