Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by lynnielu, May 12, 2004.

  1. lynnielu

    lynnielu Member

    Hi everyone, Currently I've been writing lyrics. Now I want to find out how to submit them to particular groups, Like hoobastank, Flaw, 3 Doors Down, etc. I've been searching for links to their personal e-mails. Any suggestions on how to contact the right people.........Thanx........Lynnielu
  2. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    I think all you could do ise send them to the band's manager, but the chance of success would be cloe to zero. Bands that don't write their own work generally go to professional middlemen. You might try submitting there and taking whatever bites you get? There are only one of two that take lyrics only, rather than completed pieces. I will try and get hold of their details.
  3. mkc414

    mkc414 Member

    It'll prob be pretty hard to get these peoples personal emails. If this is something you are interested in professionally, maybe start by marketing your lyrics to more locally oriented groups, that way you can build up a reputation and so forth. That's how I would go about it. Wish you luck,

  4. SoundStepper

    SoundStepper Member

    Dude im sorry man, I totally support that what you want to do with sending lyrics to bands that have made it big time, but i have been writing lyrics for about like about 5 or more years, and within that time i have had my ups and downs trying to find my own voice and then trying to get my word out to the people, i still struggle yet im am alot further then when i started,

    dude all i can say is write for yourself don't worry about others man, find a way to put it to music or play yourself and perform, you never know what you can become, until you try.

    I give my respects to all the bands you listed yet i don't really listen to them.
  5. sentient

    sentient Senior Member

    3 years on from the original post I guess you must have found them and wrote all their songs for them, this is surmised because we have never heard of these bands. I bet you wish you had written to The Killers, and Gossip, and The Kaiser Chiefs now.

    However, if you like obscure bands try writing for, "Crank Sandals", "The Musk Hooters", and "Vanilla Bog Paper"

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