LYE isn't sold anymore

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by digital 3.0, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. digital 3.0

    digital 3.0 Member

    Lye has been taken off the market, theres articles all over the net and on news websites, its been off the market for over a year...meaning no RED DEVIL, no LYE itself anymore.

    LYE aka Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic Soda cant be found in draino with tons of other shit in it that you cant use....Traditional Red White And Blue reactions use lye at the end, so im wondering what the fuck does SWIM do now that LYE isnt available?

    Ive heard of people usling Epsom Salts, which would get into the final product and really could hurt people, while lye is used to seperate the HONEY at the end, what the fuck do you do now instead of lye?

    Is there another way to finish the REI or is it fucked?
  2. TheIcon

    TheIcon Member

    You can get lye online cheaply and easily. Ebay usually has some as well.
  3. danknugz81

    danknugz81 Member

    a friend of mine just bought some lye like 2 weeks ago
  4. McCheese

    McCheese Member

    Red devil lye has been discontinued. Roebic crystal drain opener is supposed to be 100% lye, failing that you could always order from an online soap store or find a local soap making club.
  5. natebozung535

    natebozung535 Member

    Whats SWIY makin? i just don't know what you would use lye for, (someone want to knudge in right direction?)
  6. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    ace hardware still carries lye in with the drain cleaners,,just got some (FOR SOAP) 2 weeks ago.
  7. kudosdc

    kudosdc Member

    It's up there with Sulfuric Acid and HCl as the most used chemicals on Earth - any chemistry lab lacking NaOH would cease operations. See wiki:

    My local hardware store sells 100% (technical grade, really) granules. You can also get concentrated solutions, but I need the dry stuff to use as a dessicant - NaOH sucks water right out of the air to the point that even in low humidity conditions, a pellet of NaOH will turn into a puddle in minutes.

    And, as for the original poster - Epsom Salts are so NOT like Lye, I think you need to make sure you understand whatever it is you are doing. Even as drying agents, there isn't much those two have in common.
  8. polymer

    polymer Senior Member

    indeed you are correct. there are two important species in the world of chemistry.. H+ and OH- ...both are looking to neutralize, and salts are neutral, thus have something to donate if the other species is significantly more electronegative.
  9. polymer

    polymer Senior Member

    NaOH is fairly easy to make
  10. enesi

    enesi Member

  11. need lye in making tons of drugs, the only one i can think of of the top of my head is ghb....i may be talking out of my ass but i think its as easy as mixing the now hard to obtain gbl with the lye in a certain ratio...
  12. WhiteFoot

    WhiteFoot Member

    roto is same as red devil. goto ace and use that. its safe

    LSDMIKE Member

    if your going to make drugs with it buy it from the pharmacy 100% pure
  14. dan500

    dan500 Member

    the commercial shit has stuff in it

    buy raw soap making lye cheap
  15. You can still buy lye at most hardware stores! Get the ROOTO brand its as close to red devil that you will ever find! If you are worried bout asking for it tell them you want it for use in making homemade soap!!! Hope this helps you out!
  16. azygous420

    azygous420 Member

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