LSD to help life's problems?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by PharmaPhunk, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    Now I know everyone always says pyschedelics should not be used when your feeling down, but do you think there is any way LSD could actually help someone rationilize and enlighten themselves to there problems? I mean obviously it's not a good idea to drop some tabs if you feel very suicidal and deppressed. But if you were feeling down because of smaller personal problems, like how you look, or how some people act, friends enemies, etc. would LSD help guide yourself to a new perception on things, or would it just mercilessly hammer away at them?
  2. Alaxsxa

    Alaxsxa Member

    I used lsd to help my depression and looking back on it I wish I would have done it without lsd. As for more minor things I do think using psychedelics (including mdma) would be beneficial to changing yourself. For me psychedelics bring up issues in my life and I am able to work through them as some people do in therapy, it doesnt simply show me the issue without providing some way to move forward and get over it.
  3. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    LSD was used in curing drug addicts at about 50% succession. Mentally ill people were also treated but with lower success im sure.

    If your going to try doing this while on LSD i suggest a trip sitter, because that would be an opportune time for a bad trip.

    LSD ASAP Member

    It will not give you solution to your problem. It might show you that your thought patterns and ideas you had were wrong and give you some other ideas but only you can work out your problem.
  5. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    i did a solo trip once with a written out page which i hoped would guide me at my then current confliction university/job thing which was extremely stressing me out. i thought it would help me and that id make this breakthro if i thought about it like that on acid.
    crazily enough when i was peaking i got out that peace of paper, and it didnt help a fucking bit. i wrote there, cant think now. and then just wrote things on paper.
    but what i did learn out of it, was that yes it would help me thro my experience and other realisations into myself and this world. so yes it did help. but not good in that direct way.

    as far as healing psychologcial problems. it fucking does. i used to have lots of problems . seriously. after taking acid a few times, i slowly came to so many amazing revelations and conclusions which broke me out of stupid anxiety and other stupid little psychological problems. it truelly is an amazing tool.
    ofcourse they may not happen for everyone. but i found it amazing. and it has made me soooo differnt, im now very social and can talk to anyone and id consider myself even funny now. i used to be this crazy little lost kid who was depressed and shit.

    so yeah lsd is a blessing. and its going to heaven. its the closest you can get to heaven (i dont beleive in other shit) , and its way better than 5.5 of some super good pills. which i used to think were heaven.

    ok. ok . i praise lsd alot. but sure has done me good.
    im at collage now, and i have an amazing perspective on life, and no matter what drugs i take i get my work done, and im passing. so its awsum.
  6. yeah. it really mellowed me me over my anxiety problems and shit. after being to the edge and back it really gives you a fine appreciation for life.
  7. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    I don't think it's worth the mental risk, when your at a tough spot in life.
  8. Shapeshifter

    Shapeshifter Member

    Depends on personality. You have different type of person, some are fighters and they wil never give up the life, but they are just in tough situation, to them it will help. But you also have personalities who will cry every time something stupid happens to them (drama quins), it is bad idea to give them acid in the toughest situation in their life, or maybe not, maybe they need to kill that personality already and when is the best moment - when that personality is weekest. It just depends, only the person taking it knows is it the right moment or not. I've seen people in such a shit in their life dosing havily and getting out much stronger person and going through their problems like they are nothing, but I also saw people who shouldn't have any problems, but after it making their life so miserable. Really doesn't have any rules, thats why it is beautifull!
  9. Peter Popper

    Peter Popper Tripper

    chainisgucci. seriosly man that sig you have disturbs me. haha its fucking mental
  10. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    Lsd and psychedelics in general can be very beneficial to working through problems, if used in the right context and situation. Lsd (and other psychedelics) have been used in conjunction with various psychotherapy techniques and most of people reported positive results from it. Also, in many shamanistic contexts, various psychedelics are used with the healing of mental/spiritual/physical problems being one of its main attributes. That being said though, those both require someone that is highly knowledgeable in such things to help guide the person through it.
  11. rygoody

    rygoody Senior Member

    I would use mushrooms for this or mescaline. Mushrooms in particular always have a keen sensation of 'presence' and higher intelligence to me, I call it the mushroom spirit personally, but the phenomena has alot of names from people I've talked to and what I've read. However LSD just feels like I'm utterly alone floating in space, I don't see how it could provide any guidance whatsoever. Perhaps it will help in sorting out internal dialogues and feelings, but if you feel good on the inside and are looking for something more on the outside, mushrooms or mescaline is definanetly where I would turn. Mescaline if I wanted it to break the news to me gently, mushrooms if I wanted it to just tell me straight up.
  12. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    I would say that LSD gives many relevations, but I disagree that it should be used at the time of the problem. I think it can just aggrevate it at the time. I do, however, agree that LSD can be used as sort of a medicine. I for one have felt a lot better and enlightened after I have experienced an LSD/Mushroom trip. I guess it all depends on the person.

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