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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by elover, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    These research chemicals are ridiculous, the fact that we can buy them online is crazy, and don't get me wrong it's totally awesome....BUT think about it man, there has to be some kind of crazy secret e-mail source that sells illegal things.

    That would be totaly bitching if there was some kind of super underground society/source, and there was an email link for like every state....oh the joy I would have
  2. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    ....and don't reply saying their is, because it will just make me mad whether you're lying or not. I also know now that I said that, this is going to be some 17 page thread with everyone on the board saying there is just to frustrate me.
  3. vibra

    vibra Member

    I know a few email sources that deliver in the country where I live. So there have to be many in the US to. I would be very surprised if there wasn’t!
  4. Schwag

    Schwag Member

    Actually, there is. People out there sell Ketamine, MDMA, Ecstasty, LSD, Opiates, Marijuana, Hash, Cocaine. I've even had an offer for Crack. I don't know if it was legit, might've been though. I'm not much for Crack, so I didn't buy. I'm sure that's not all, I've probably forgotten something. As for the secret community, yeah their is. Atleast there are private forums where vendors are discussed and such.
  5. gecko7

    gecko7 Member

    in my personal opinion, i think most(like 80% or so) of those who claim to have illegal things are scams...

    although, i have at least one source that i can trust(i had 2, but the 2nd shut down some time ago!), since i've seen only good reviews about it on undrugged...and even if it was legit, i am reluctant to order illegal things by mail... what if customs check it?.. bah.. its too risky ...

    one thing is ordering legal chemicals that nobody knows about them, one other thing is higly scheduled drugs, maybe even in pill or blotter form...

    ... maybe i'm just paranoid... maybe a lot of people actually have done this a lot of time, ordering pharms and illegal stuff, and never happened anything...

    i also had a source for a-ET, which i was really curious about, but since its illegal, i've never ordered...
  6. It is naive to think that you wont get in trouble (or at least be liable for getting in trouble) for getting research chemicals if customs catches them, they are clearly prosecuted as analogs of schedule one substances making them essentially as illegal as a schedule one substance in the eyes of the law.

    there have been prosecutions in the UK for getting them, and there have been prosecutions in the USA for selling them and I believe for getting them and possessing them also; although not on the same scale as in the UK.
  7. gecko7

    gecko7 Member

    yeah i agree with you..... but that applies only if you think about USA!
    im not in the USA (nor in the UK) so i don't have to worry about the analogue law!
  8. well same is true for australia and many places in europe
  9. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    I don't really belive that those were legitimate sources. I don't think anyone trying so hard to sell crack, that they would sell it online...and shipping things like weed, coke, and hash is dangerous because the'yre so easy to smell.
  10. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    ^ You can purchase basically every drug online, not just research chemicals. I've had LSD, hash, MDMA, various RC's, Ketamine and a buncha prescriptions show up on my doorstep. Just search harder.
  11. gecko7

    gecko7 Member

    never happened problems like confiscated packages, or love letters from DEA?
  12. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    I've never had those problems, but they certainly do occur.
  13. highflyer

    highflyer Member

    swim was arrested with some rc's in gel caps and was not prosecuted
  14. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    ^that gives me the inspiration to search endlessly for these kinds of things now. BUT can these website really show up in google searches? Or would you find these kinds of people/sources/email address's on a forum somewhere else?
  15. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    You won't find most of them directly through google. You find them through various forums and blogs mostly.

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    I've seen this happen as well. I've never gotten any rc's direct from the source so cant comment on love letters either.
    But I've chipped in on herb from some dude in Canada about 2 years ago, Im talking amazing bud's, 1/4's at a time shipped and never failed. I couldnt believe it at first, but sure enough, it kept coming. It was through email and I never asked my friend how he found the guy (nor did I care). Seen plenty of kids buy opiates without perscriptions, but never anything harder.
    They most definitley exist, I know people who have mailed LSD but since I've not done it myself I cant comment on that either.
  17. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    I can't risk supplying someone I do not know and who has no status on this forums. Perhaps if you were a more well known member of this community. Sorry I'd love to help but what you're asking me is relatively risky.
  18. people might as well not waste their time asking for sources here in my opinion, no one in their right mind is going to share sources with random people on hipforums and the people that do share them are going to be trading the same ten shit sources you can find on google back and forth.
  19. Schwag

    Schwag Member

    Yes that's true they are easier to smell. But, the people who are in this business and know what their doing, get shit done. I won't go in to details about packaging, for obvious reasons. But the ones who really know what they're doing, get shit through customs. Sometimes it really is impressive just how stealth the packaging is, other times it's so-so. I agree that crack source was likely bullshit, and a shoddy attempt at a scam. Gdead is right though, this stuff can be found. I have tested, legit sources for OC, LSD, Ketamine, MDMA, Cocaine, pure amphetamine. One of my sources is even apparently considering to stock Heroin. I'd be surprised if he did though.
  20. post on forums make friends work your reputation up. It isn't unheard of for people to go from three sources to hundred plus in a matter of months, back in the day anyways I don't know how it is anymore lots has changed and I stopped coming around for a long time.

    It was a much nicer community a few years ago to be honest, bad time to start now in my opinion because everyone that has a reputation already has a reputation and people are a lot less trusting of newer people now. Back when undrug was at its peak though it was good times, when undrug went to hell so did everything else.
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