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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Tasmyn, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Hey everyone,

    I really need some insight here. So...I've been seeing this guy for a while, and we decided to do lsd with two other people. One of these people was a girl who was a mutual friend (he knew I'd been intimidated by her because his best friend wanted to set them up a while ago). So anyway, as we were tripping...they started looking at each other romantically. It was awful for me to see. I asked if they were vibing. They said no, but then started holding each other. I was left alone to walk behind them. I then said, do as you feel and they started walking hand-in-hand, smiling and almost forgetting that I was there. Then, when the other guy piped up and said that I was jealous was only when it stopped. After that, the guy changed and focused a bit more on me...but my question here is "Does LSD reveal your true feelings?". Do you think that he was more into her than me and never realized it till he was on acid? Do you think that LSD could make you do things that you werent aware of? His excuse was that he was paranoid, and she was having a bad trip and he just wanted to comfort a friend... But I was having a bad trip, them locking hand crushed my heart but he chose to comfort her over me.

    Please help. I need some insight from experienced uses. Kinda have a broken heart right now
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    Sounds like there are already some more then friends feelings going on. LSD could make you more open to expressing feelings but it's not going to make you have feelings that are not there. The only thing that could maybe do that in my opinion is MDMA, molly, X, whatever you want to call it. On that you love everyone and the person you just met is of course going to be your wife even though you talked to her for 10 minutes.
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    'Yeah, that's what i figured! I definitely think that it was a unveiling of true emotions. I just wish he had been open and honest about it. Afterwards, he kept on saying he acted that way only because they were both paranoid and told me "I can't believe you think I was into that." I know I didn't overreact or imagine anything because the other guy that was with us validated that everything happened. Thanks so much for shedding some light on the situation. He then told me that I made him feel like a terrible person because I said I felt disrespected. He said he didn't deserve the way I was talking to him. I'm just wondering, after his friend piped up and said that I was jealous> He did focus his attention on me, but I felt it was more of a sympathy thing. She also said that she didn't remember anything the day after.

    Thanks for your help. It sucks to be here right now. I'd just wish he would be honest with me. I deserve the truth. Instead of turning it around and blaming me
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    LSD as I'm sure you are aware, can significantly amplify emotions and thoughts, so while it's unlikely that someone may do things they are "unaware of" while on it, there is the potential to perhaps act out some of the sensations in the moment that they likely would not act out on or even necessarily experience while sober. However LSD can also likely bring to surface some true feelings that one may suppress while sober, so I'd say it's tough to tell with the limited info here.

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