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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by NightOwl1331, Jun 2, 2004.

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    0 I want to hear some of your love stories. I want to hear about true love, soul-mates, happy endings. Have you found that? Give me some hope. :)
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    here's my story...

    up until about 11 months ago, i'd been single all my life - not one single serious bf (not counting the kiddy relationships in primary school, lol). i was seriously about to give up hope: i thought i was ugly and that i'd never get a bf. until just over a year ago, i met the most charming guy on the internet, such a sweety. i was so bowled over when i met him, b/c he was so lovely (and only lives about 30 miles away, considering i met him online). well, about 11 months ago we met, and within the first day, i had my first kiss and he asked me out - and 11 months later our relationship is still going strong! he even asked me to marry him a few months back, we promised to be together forever, and he told me he's found his soul-mate in me - how sweet!

    i'm telling everyone - there is hope for everyone. i believe in soul mates and love at first site. i waited 16 years for mine - wait as long as you need to for yours, b/c its well worth the wait!
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    its like a greek tragedy... boy has the image of the ideal woman in his mind even before puberty... boy finds girls... boy marries the least likely to be his soul mate, but someone who makes him feel needed and wanted.... then boy feels un-needed un-wanted and un- appreciated, and starts to re-examine his whole life... As boy reviews image of the ideal woman in she walks, beaming with the radiance of reality... boy is withered by her perfection, but drawn to her none-the-less... overcoming all, as if pulled by the thinnest tread of fate, they meet, they touch, and in a moment of perfected joy, together they are forever changed... but the machine of the universe grinds on, and the fates twist the springs that turn the wheels of life, and fingers entwined separate, and the mist dissapates, and all that lingers are the scent of patchouli and green tea, and golden memories and something too deep to be broken... something that remains after many turns of the wheels of life, and many ticks of the clock of time yet we still see each other from afar, we feel each other close because we left something with each other hands outstreached waiting ....
    Waiting ... for the machine of the universe, and the wheels of life to align that we may join hands again...

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