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    I live in Louisiana, too! Where in Louisiana do you live? If you live in or around New Orleans you should know abou8t jazz funeral for democracy on the 20th. It is a parade, protest and picnic with music. Go to www.jazzfuneralfordemocracy.com for info. I'm going. Email me at adancer0523@aol.com so we can see if we are close. It sucks living in a world of REpublicans doesnt it? Anyway, I hope you can go to the protest and stuff. Talk to you later.
  3. Micha

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    I love in Galvez, real close to Baton Rouge..

    I wish i could go to that..
    But i doubt it
  4. HI, if you live in LA, near New Orleans, do you know of anything to do? Because I am looking into going for maybe a week or so and was wondering about the local happenings. On the sites I have checked, most of them talk about walking through the french quarter, the streetcar, and the like. Just wondering if a native would know of anything that is a must do in New Orleans. Thanks
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    The French Quarter is over rated, I go there sometimes, but I only live a few miles away from it. You should take the street car through uptown, it goes down St. Charles St. and there are plenty of restruants and bars on the line. Another cool thing is the lake front, it's not as good as a real beach, but it is still pretty cool. If you do end up going to the French Quarter you should check out Kerry's Irish Pub and One Eyed Jacks. There is also a Danish hippy girl (Christina) who plays guitar and sings Joni Mitchell songs on the street, she usually performs on Royal st. Two other local singers that I would recomend are Lynn Drury and Kim Carson.

    You can find out about local events at our news papers web site.
    Times Picayune

    Just be careful of where you go, since there are a lot of high crime areas in the city and they're easy to accidently end up in.
  6. Micha

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    So, exactly how many of yall have aligators for pets, live on da bayou and speak cajun french, sha?
    Everyone I know.
    umkay. not.
  7. tricknologist

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    Where Ya' at Dahling ? We don't speak Coon Ass where I live, we speak Y'at. lol. :D

    j/k for those that actually are Cajun. :)
  8. Micha

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    haha..actually I am cajun..
    But i was really just kidding about the damn stereotype.
    My great grandma speaks cajun french..
    I (along with about 99% of my whole family) live in ascension parish.
  9. tricknologist

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    Here's a few lovely pics from around New Orleans. I'll post more upon request.
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    I speak a little cajun distressed French, but I mostly speak normal. OK I occasionally sound y'at. I confess. But who duddnt. I dont sound like I from the ninth ward lol or Chalmette. hehe (disgust) But I like the marigny . Anyone want to see a show at NOCCA? Im in it! YAY!
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    Lol. When I've had a few beers I sound like I came straight outa Da Parish. Us people that were from Da East are like dat.
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    where over by there. Have you tried "sassafrass" finally fine dining in the East.
    hahahahahahaqha. Im from slidell
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    New Orleans East. I don't live there any more but I'm still in New Orleans. I used to live in Slidell for a few years with my mom, but she moved to Mississippi when I was in the army, I've been back in N.O. since I've been back.
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    Its not so bad,,, Nice Photos though
  15. baton rouge here
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    i live around alexandria...i used to live in the french quarter in new orleans on burgundy...anybody live around me...rapides or allen parish?
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    i live in chalmette
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    Sassafrass? That does sound like dining, but I've ate at every place in town and haven't seen it on the menu. I did get some at a little place on shakedown st. @ bonnaroo!

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