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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Isil, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Alrighty...I was reminded of these little happenings while reading something in this forum. Itd be cool if someone had an explanation for them.

    Years ago...meh, I cant think of how to explain it.

    Well, ok...Long ago, often when I was sitting around somewhere alone (in near complete silence o_O), id hear my name being stated. Now, as I said, I was always alone when this happened....and im relatively sure it wasnt my mind blurting out "Ryan" spontaneously, lol xD When you hear things in your head, its not that loud (if it even really has "volume"). Its different than actually hearing something with your ears o_O

    When id hear my name being said, it was always rather quiet. Not so quiet as to be considered a whisper, but not loud either...Just below the "average" volume someone would speak to another person with.

    Who was saying my name would often change each time I heard it...though, the majority of the time it was a relative speaking.

    Heh, I sometimes tried talking back to "whoever" was saying it xD No one ever replied, though >.>

    I'll post this in the mental health forum later, I think.
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    It's not much to go on--all the voice(s) did was say your name? Could be lots of things. Mental health issues? I doubt it. You obviously know the difference between a "mental voice" and an audible voice, and the fact that you're looking for an explanation speaks well for your mental health. If you decided on an explanation without any specific evidence, and nobody could talk you out of your conclusion, THEN mental health might be an issue.

    Possible explanations that I can think of offhand:

    Yeah, could be your mind spontaneously fired off words.

    OR, could be some sort of spiritual being was telepathically speaking to you. Some people would say this is NOT a possible explanation, however in my experience those people don't have any way of proving their point.

    OR, could be some sort of human being was telepathically speaking to you. Same caveat as the previous paragraph. I personally have had lots of experience with this, and furthermore people have demonstrated for me that they were saying things in my mind and hearing my thoughts in their minds.

    Why would somebody be telepathically calling your name? Who knows? You'd have to ask them, and even then they might not tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    So in conclusion: I don't think you're crazy, and I suggest you don't fret about it too much. If it happens again, have some fun with it and see what happens.

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