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  1. Dudethatsmokes

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    I'm 30 and happily married. My sex life is not as happy though. We have sex once every few months and it's always the same 2 or 3 positions. Granted, the sex is good, it's just not enough. I find myself masturbating once a day, and always find myself looking at other girls just fantasizing. I'm literally down for almost anything. Honestly no urinating or defeating and anything goes. I don't know how to tell my wife that I'm into weird shit. She's very conservative.

    It's getting to the point where I fantasize meeting someone from tinder at a hotel just to get freaky.

    I know it's all wrong, but I am lost
  2. Twogigahz

    Twogigahz Members

    And women will be the very first to lament "oh why would he EVER cheat?" .... We are not meant to understand women - nor the other mysteries of the universe. Tread lightly on the weird shit.
  3. desert-rat

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    Try watching porn with her . Say something like you want to try that ,girl on top, doggy ,ect .
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    Why is this wrong? You are in the prime of your sex life. You want to have a woman and often. Fantasizing about other women isn't wrong. It's how you act on that fantasy that can be wrong. You need to open up to your spouse and let her know how you feel. She took a marriage vow just like you. It probably was the to have and to hold vow. Well, think about what that means. Here I'll help you. It means making a physical connection including intimacy with each other. That includes sex. IMO, it is the dumbest vow in the marriage ceremony. Time changes everything and mostly the sex wanes. There are legitimate reasons it can fade. I know I experienced this. But if she is able to be sexually active and is refusing she is breaking the vow. Explain this to her and let her know you are lost. Lost in your marriage due to lack of intimacy. Find a viable solution to fix it be it you both become more intimate to opening up your marriage to include others sexually. But remember having thoughts of sex with other women is not wrong.
  5. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    She was easy like quantum physics.
  6. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    You think you are happily married but when the sex is gone you are always frustrated. Been in your shoes. Will you last without cheating? IMO you both need a marriage counsiler. My sexless marriage resulted in HER cheating and we split. One month later she came running back giving me more sex than she ever did and said she was wrong and so sorry. I did not return to the marriage. I just had hate sex with her very often while she cried and begged. So go to a marriage counsiler and discuss the problem she just might snap out of it and fuck your eyeballs out. It is worth a try.

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