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Discussion in 'Health' started by Flowerchild, May 23, 2004.

  1. Flowerchild

    Flowerchild Member

    I think my body is fucked up! I hate it, it really sucks!! I've always been overweight...partly because I have big bones (that's no excuse, I really do!) and partly cause both of my parents are fat so I'm fat and of course because I don't do enough sports...well, for the last three months I wrote down what I ate, how much I exercised...I ate about 1000 kcals a day (everything low in fat) and exercised monday - thursday each week 3 hours a day (1 hour aerobics or yoga, 2 hours treadmill, weights, stairmaster,...) + 40 push-ups, 40 sit-ups and 80 arm rotations each day in class and I lost nothing. Like literally nothing. Sometimes I'm 1/2 pounds under, sometimes over my weight 3 months ago, but I don't lose anything. Do you guys think I should see a doctor? Or is this normal, though I'm pretty sure it's not...
    Love Flowerchild
  2. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    Perhaps you have replaced some of your fat with muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so often times the scale isn't an accurate display of fat loss. Does your body look different? Have your clothes loosened up a bit? Those are the more important questions to ask. But if you don't appear to have lost any weight, then yes, going to the doctor might be the best thing. You work out too much not to be seeing results. Good luck.
  3. Lani

    Lani Member

    It sounds like you are on the right track, exercise wise, however you should be eating at least 1500 kcal (upto 2000) a day for your age, belive it or not you are still growing and need the minerals and protein and all the other stuff needed for a healthy body, eat plenty of fruit, vegetables (in right times and amounts) keep exercising and you will get results, it takes time and effort but you will never get immeaditae results in a good way ( in a way not harmfull to your body) AND ONE BIG TIP, DONT THINK ABOUT IT TOO MUCH, AND DONT STRESS ABOUT IT, IT ONLY BRINGS TROUBLE, just try to stay positive ..hope i helped :)
  4. Flowerchild

    Flowerchild Member

    Thanks for your answers, guys! It really helped!
  5. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    You may not want to hear this, but not everyone is suppossed to be thin. Perhaps your body is designed to be the way it is. If all the diet and excercise you are doin is not giving you the results you want, perhaps it's because that is how you are supposed to look. Be proud of your body. Take care of it. Don't obsess about the numbers on the scale. You seem to be plenty active. Don't hurt yourself trying to be a certain weight. It's not worth it. Just stay active and eat healthy. Unless a doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, then you are doing everything right. If you are really concerned, then go talk to your doctor.
  6. Josh-e

    Josh-e Member

  7. pandiebeer

    pandiebeer Member

    Right on!

    My advice is to measure yourself and then in one month do it again. That is a good way to see if you are losing weight. Measure your waist, arms, hips, calves, those types of places. Remember to stretch because it helps pull your body together and make it more flexible. It helps the skin too with regaining the elasticity. It's really important not to base your success on what the scale says. One other thing is typically it can take a month for your body to switch over to metabolizing correctly. Some people I know have said it took them two months of nothing and then all of a sudden they were just dropping a lot of weight each week. Still keep a food diary because it helps to keep track of that stuff. You can always refer back to it to see if you're drinking enough water in a day. Another thing you can do is eat a lot of fruit -try for 9 serving in a day (vegetables can be substituted). The more acidic (especially in the morning) the better. That way your body will always have energy (the right kind) and you'll be able to be more active in everything you do. I got a lot of good fruit information from www.thefruitpages.com
  8. AppleScruff

    AppleScruff Member

    1000 calories seems pretty low for all that excercise you're doing... perhaps this caused your metabolic rate to slow down and that's why you're not losing weight. your body maybe is storing the fat because you're not giving it enough to burn off?
  9. mimosa

    mimosa Banned

    This is good advice. At least it's been my experience. This post describes me exactly.
  10. Megara

    Megara Banned

    i agree...it sounds like you're burning more calories than you're consuming..and thats very unhealthy....your body needs a certain amount just to function..or else you go into starvation mode and your metabolism literally goes to zilch.....i would go to a doctor and try and find out your base metabolism rate..and make sure you consume atleast that each day.
  11. Kastenfrosch

    Kastenfrosch Blaubeerkuchen!! Lifetime Supporter

    here's my advice:

    try not to wonder about a certain number of calories, because the calories you take in say NOTHING about the actual worth of minerals and vitamins of your diet.
    try to supplement things that are rich in calories but low in minerals and vitamins with things that are rich in vitamins. for example eat wholemeal breat instead of plain white bread. eat lots of fibre, that turns on your metabolism rate which is good. eat lots of fruits and vegetables, cut out things that contain a lot of fat. Notice that you do have to eat some fat, but prefer fat from plants, like olive oil.
    avoid things that are made "low fat" or with artificial sweeteners. These things lie to your body, since it expects real sugar, it produces the enzymes for sugar, and when it doens't get sugar, you have an even bigger craving for sweet things. Same with fat. Eat natural products, and with fat or sweet things, just eat less.
    Eat slower. chew a lot. you only feel full after about 20 minutes after you started eating. Drink lots of water. that helps your body get rid of a lot of stuff, and also helps you increase your metabolism. Avoid sweet dinks, because they are a main source of sugar in a diet, since you don't get feed up of them in a way you would get feed up by a cake or so. And fiber is a very important issue. try to get as much as you can! all vegetables and fruits contain fiber, eat a lot of grainy stuff. linseeds are very good. fibre fills you up, but they don't have any calories, so don't worry about being hungry.

    this made me loose 25 kilos, the good thing about this diet is, that you are increasing metabolism, mineral and vitamin intake, but at the same time, you reduce extra calories of fat and sugar.
  12. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    maybe get your thyroid checked. That happened to my mom and she had thyroid problems.
  13. Kastenfrosch

    Kastenfrosch Blaubeerkuchen!! Lifetime Supporter

    yeah, the thyroid might be a problem too.... go see a doctor. this just does take a lil blood sample :)

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