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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SillyGreenMeep, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Some periods stop me in my tracks
    before I even know what hit me
    I'm being attacked by my own body
    The end
    the period says
    you'll start again
    With a new word,
    new thoughts
    new ideas
    I'll bleed for days that seem like weeks
    this week everything is bleeding
    so that I can take a guilty pleasure
    in watching my own misery
    flowing from the wounds of my new addiction
    another replacement
    Lately instead of smoking
    I've felt like running
    kicking and screaming
    so I took it to the soccer field
    I'm bruised and battered
    and my heart still bleeds
    all over the image I used to have of me.
    I will be born again
    under a new light,
    I have no knowledge
    nor beauty to offer
    I guess I don't make a good half
    to a pair
    so I will have to hold myself
    I will have to be my whole self
    I will always have me.
  2. murphsgirl

    murphsgirl Member

    This poem reminds me of my little sister. It could definitely use some work, but the content is relatable, which is a good start!:)

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