Loosing Someone You Love (temporarily)

Discussion in 'True Love' started by bluedragonfly, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    use one of his friends

    if you know him as much as you say you know him then you must know all of his friends too
  2. aFoolOnaHill

    aFoolOnaHill Proper Villain



    does not compute

    edit: BBad! You rouge, you beat me!
  3. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    Wow, recognized true love right there [​IMG]
    Seriously, 'that many months' ?
    You can make it, its only 4 months, lol.
    And hey, no one said dating a teenager would be easy :rolleyes:

    Look, no. You should kind of do that for yourself.
  4. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy Senior Member

    It's not pathetic at all. It's perfectly natural. Start putting your energy into something else that you love doing. Like a sport or hobby and set some challenging goals to achieve. If you really strive for something else it will help to take your focus off him and the feelings will go away.

    True love is when you care for someone even when you know you may never see them again.

    I think this situation will help to build a stronger relationship in the long term.
  5. lynzxx

    lynzxx Senior Member

    yeah, what everyone else is saying.. if you can't wait four months maybe you should have a second look at how you really feel. when you think about it, four months isnt actually THAT long. 4months out of a lifetime is nothing. <3
  6. bluedragonfly

    bluedragonfly Member

    BBAD and afootonahill. Yes, y'all caught something I left out. We do have mutual friends, but I do not like involving them when this concerns the law. I don't know what would happen if someone found out I initiated conversation. Not saying I do not trust my friends.. but we are in different states so the people I know who are close to him are few.

    Anyway, that first day I was so upset I called our friend there, S. , and S called him so he found out before he even got home and was told by his parents. He would do ANYTHING to not get me in trouble. This is when he told S to wait on him. Hope that explains that! I'm sure you're wondering why I don't tell S to tell him.. but I already asked if she did that first day and she said she didn't want to be involved anymore.

    Theres' no reason to go back and wonder about me not being able to wait four months. Keep in mind this is all very fresh and I said that thinking "how will I know if he is waiting for me? am I going to hurt even worse when I find out he is over me?" No matter how much I love someone I cannot be 100% positive. I know I can wait though, because my love has no bounds.

    Thank you also for pointing that out, you should never change yourself for anyone but yourself. Something I have always believed as well.

    Also I appreciate it that you don't think I'm pathetic Monkey Boy. This pain is fresh and you have another good point.

    Today I have been putting myself into things I like. Spending more time than usual (which is a lot already) outside with my dog, enjoying the sunshine, working out, and reading.

    I didn't take anymore than my regular RX for my xanax too. I have really bad bad anxiety and had to go in town for something around a lot of people. Not something I handle well regardless of what is going on. When you are trapped (a bit exaggerating) in your house for a few years except for hospital visits anxiety starts to kick in when you start to get better. :)
  7. lunarverse

    lunarverse The Living End

    I'm glad to hear you're making some steps in a good direction. I hope you continue to feel better and enjoy yourself in whatever ends up happening in your life. :)

    I was very glad to read, "Outside", "Sunshine" and "working out". Those three things can greatly improve your mood, your confidence and your sense of well being overall.
  8. bluedragonfly

    bluedragonfly Member

    I just thought I'd update.. It's been a little while and reading this just makes me think "wow." I really reacted wild, not that I'm surprised.. it still hurts everyday and this ache isn't going away.

    I have heard from him now though. And I don't feel comfortable talking about how and all, but we also have a certain day coming up where he will be somewhere with wifi (finally) and can get on his ipod thing and talk to me.

    His Mom has everything of his but this.. and they changed their net password so he can't get on.

    In the beginning I was freaking out. You all had nothing but good advice though, and I cannot thank you enough for being there for me when I really REALLY needed it.

    My life has changed so much in the past week or so. I'm finally back to spending a lot of time with friends (I hadn't stopped because of my boy, don't think that.) I started hanging out with my girls because of how sad I was, and now I'm busy a LOT. It's very nice to see I still have people there for me, I thought I was alone. (I had quit hanging out with people because of being so ill and never tried to get my friendships back, well, active again.)

    One thing you guys were right about is if I love him I could wait for him no questions asked. I have realized this now. I would wait years if I had to, now that I know he loves me too and is willing to wait.

    My main question was, if he is going to get over me, should I get over him? but now I know I have nothing to worry about, and it was silly of me to worry because I love him so much and I am positive we are soul mates. Screw what anyone else thinks.

    Thanks again you guys.. I'm keeping myself busy, I know I am loved and I love him. I am making myself a better person (for me!) There are cautionary things I have to do.. such as I listen to different music for now, don't watch sad movies.. etc. And I still do cry almost once a day. But these are different tears now.. happy tears because I am so lucky to have someone so amazing, and tears because I miss him so badly and worry for him. Him being miserable hurts me so badly.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for not judging me most of all. :)

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