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Discussion in 'Oregon' started by haintpaints, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Hi folks, We are new to this site and this is our first post. We are old hippies and are looking for a place in the Oregon countryside(not urban) to retire where we can keep healthy using herbal medicines, grow some veggies and do our artwork. We have a steady income (until SS fails) so jobs are not a problem but we now live in Chatt and it is not very hippy friendly (our drum circle died and they Disneyfied the old hip neighborhoods). Suggestions? Help? -need good vibes, kindred spirits and somewhere new to focus our energy.
    peace and love
    haint and littia
  2. haintpaints

    haintpaints Member

    We follow the spirit and will go where it leads. There will be no place to run and hide - the one who seeks to save his life will lose it. We are just here to do that which is our part here while we are here - and then go home.
    peace and love Haint and littia
  3. His Eden

    His Eden Queen of Mean

    Oregon has many wonderful little communities to choose from. Being from TN you might like the Willamtette Valley area as it is green and fertile. Central and Eastern Oregon are colder in the winter and much dryer. There are some wonderful little towns up an down Interstate 5, just grab a map and start checking out city websites ;)
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    im surprised you dont like chattanooga. if we were to live in a city that would be way up if not first on the list. cant help ya with oregon as its been nearly 30 years since i been there,

    as far as drum circles go, yall should pack up an head over this way ( just over fort mountain going towards ellijay )sometime. we are always up for a impromptu drum circle.

  5. Hello there! I've been living in the Willamette Valley and I must say you can't really go wrong in Oregon, although if you were looking on the other side of the Cascades in a drier setting, I wouldn't go much further East than Bend.

    There are tons of little outskirt towns on either side of I-5 that have a pretty good vibe. I guess a lot would depend on the climate you enjoy. Anywhere in between Eugene and Portland wouldn't be bad. There are also some great coastal cities that are incredible if you want the Ocean nearby.

    The reason I love the WV so much is because the beach is only about 45 minutes away, and a great set of mountains are about 45 minutes in the other direction. You can really get a massive variety of landscapes within an hour drive. Furthermore, you can experience every type of weather depending on where you want to live. Variety of weather is incredible in my opinion.

    Lastly, there are some great hot springs in oregon. The majority are more to the southeast, but there is Bagby more to the northeast, Cougar near Eugene, and Umpqua more in the Roseburg area.

    Feel free to pick my brain if you have any more questions :)

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