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Discussion in 'Gay Personals' started by iamwhatiam, May 4, 2007.

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    I'm 22 and gay, travelling the east coast soon, hitting up any gay communes and festivals i can find along the way. eventually, i'd like to stop in P-town in boston for a minute and maybe work for a couple months (during the season) to get some money up for a passport/ticket and then bum around europe/asia.

    i'll be hitchiking/ridesharing/trainhopping my way thru the states. Im looking for any younger guys in my age group who are gay (hippies, faeries, punks, rainbows, whateva) and are squatters, or like sleeping outdoors and don't mind dumspter diving, spanging, making crafts to sell, or any other ways to get by, and who are free-spirited.

    in key west now, and it's going to get really hot here in another week or two so that's when i'll set out.

    mostly, i'm looking for a relationship with someone or hoping to meet a young gay guy out there like myself, however that's not a requirement. sex, as well, is not a requirement. it just gets lonely being on the road for any length of time and is nice to have someone to share the trip with.

    i.am.what.i.am@hotmail.com if you have any questions

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    Try Montreal Canada, Portland or the French Quarter in New Orleans, you'll definitely find what you are looking for, especially in Portland on average every month 100 young people find there way there because of the relaxed drug laws. Montreal is Very loaded too with young people and I was just in New Orleans in the French Quarter, right by Cafe Dumonte there were a lot of guys just a little younger than yourself hanging around in groups on the street playing guitar and "stuff" for money.

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