Looking for Others in Houston TX.

Discussion in 'Texas' started by OverTheStars4Us, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. OverTheStars4Us

    OverTheStars4Us Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey Everyone,
    My name's Joseph, I'm 22yrs. old, and I was just wandering if there was anyone near my age range (18-25ish) that would like to hangout sometime.:p I had quite a few friends around where I used to live on the other side of town before I moved near Sugarland, but for now just looking to find others similar to myself in Houston. Not any real ideas on what to do together or as a group, but I am pretty open to all sorts of things so um... iono whatever. Maybe get a group together and watch a movie, go to a club, out to eat, etc. Or we can go the more carefree direction and smoke a few bowls, take X, or acid, shrooms, etc.and just chill. We all know how stuff like that is better in a group. ;) Anyway I'm rambling, so I'll be quiet now. Just wanted to put the offer out there in case anyone feels the need to do something different, change their environment you know. Also while I am on the subject, we really need to make an attempt to put more posts in the Texas Forums. Seems like we are going a long time without any contact with one another, and since my personal understanding of being a hippie is to be able to connect with our brothers and sisters worldwide, go out there everyone and make a change, do something to enlighten another, or simply change your perspective on what you experience everyday. Hope to hear from you all much more often now, Take Care! Peace, Love, and Understanding.
  2. hey, im in friendswood right now, just southeast of houston. ill be here for like another week maybe, then ill be going back to austin...
  3. Unkle_John

    Unkle_John Member

    Dude, build you an Art Car. I gar-rantee you'll make friends. If you haven't a cluse about those, google art cars or just look around Houston. I have many friends there who do it.
  4. Moetsukiru

    Moetsukiru Member

    Hey man, I just moved to Houston and I'm looking to meet people ASAP. I live in the Galleria area and I'm 21. I don't have a car but I don't mind taking the bus. Let me know, I'd lovto meet some hipsters, so far I haven't met anyone in Houston even REMOTELY similar to me.
  5. Guy de Homme

    Guy de Homme Member

    yo, those art cars look pretty wack. sorry broski. They look like pack rat city. oh yeah, im from the southern part of houston...richmond town right now. hit me up with a PM and I'll get you set up.

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