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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by bradleydontpush, May 21, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm hoping to hook up with some good musicians this year and get some good music going. I was thinking maybe we could exchange ideas, get some songs down or something. I play rythm acoustic guitar, and lead when the mood hits me right. I'm sure we could all get some good stuff going on. LOTS OF LOVE ALL!!!
  2. paix

    paix Senior Member

    well I sing, and I'm determined to learn one song well enough to play at the gathering and bring my guitar, I might send it home with a friend though after nationals if I find kids to travel with for the summer, but the point is, it's comin with me, and I will know one song on it!
  3. As long as you know one song, that song will lead to other songs! I'll teach ya a couple new ones if ya want. I'm starting to learn Dust in The Wind now! It's just really hard finger pickin.
  4. paix

    paix Senior Member

    it's acctually not, when I'm not dead tired I'll email you the pattern and all, it's pretty easy!
  5. that would be great! It sounds really hard though, I have the chords down, but not the pickin. It's like C, to A minor, to G, to something..I can play it, just my own little way:cool: God I can't wait till the gathering! It's gonna be so much fun drivin up there with ol' shanghai white. Just remember, don't call him a old hippy, he's a beatnik anarchist..he he
  6. Professor Jumbo

    Professor Jumbo Mr. Smarty Pants

    I can't really play for carp on my guitar. That one song thing is a good Idea, maybe I'll try that. I sing though, and I play tin whistle too.
  7. BobbinBecca

    BobbinBecca Member


    Post the lyrics/ chords and I'll learn to sing it for the gathering, I'm leaving in a weekish.
    See ya at the 4ums!
  8. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    4ums drums comes toos from taos
  9. Well everyone's going to be at the 4ums campfire scene right? Cause I'm there with my guitar and we could get some good shit going on!
  10. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    and the rainbow song by kermit the frog ?
  11. paix

    paix Senior Member

    Rainbow Connection!!! one of my very favorite songs of all time! Then again, I love most all muppet songs, the muppets are just the greatest ever...
  12. I've got a rainbow tribe song I can play..C.J. taught me it. It's like "I love this city, there's twelve gates to this city" It's pretty kick ass, you'll hear it...hopefully
  13. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    banjobanjo in clusters
    of rainbows tling tlik

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