Looking For Help Growing Lots Of Food For Next Year's Nationals

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by patnthehat, Aug 2, 2017.

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  2. tikoo

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    This Tennessee farm will be local to the 2018 national gathering . Do it !! Shut Up And Grow It , TaterHeads .
  3. chris36lewis

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    i wish i can help out o wold love to help :(
  4. tikoo

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    Perhaps we will meet there . The earliest I could arrive is Halloween as I have autumn farm work to attend to . Even then ,
    this is the time to turn more sod for a bigger spring planting . But , soon there is winter ... in peace , winter is easy .
  5. patnthehat

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    This is a Medicine Tribe Gathering / Planting party with a benefit show for the People's Project. The dates are from April 15th-30th
    There will be free healthy food served out of the community kitchen at least 3 times a day. people are welcome to learn and participate in the kitchen. all healthy food donations are welcome.
    There will be workshops including organic farming, wood carving, nonviolent communication and mushroom propagation during the day and music and bonfires at night. there are plans to plant a lot of FOOD!! including food to send to the National Rainbow Gathering in Georgia, An orchard, lots of mushrooms and the main garden that supply's the land with food. People are welcome to bring seeds or plants of all types.This is a family friendly event focused on co-creating positive change. Anyone with any input is welcome to join in on the fun of creating this event. This event is FREE!! with all donations going to ether the cost of putting on the event or the Peoples Project which is a 501c3 non-profit. If you would like to play music on the stage or help in any other way please let us know. people are welcome to come early to help get ready.
  6. tikoo

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    You have a wondrous hat , Pat .
  7. MaryJane69

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    Hey anyone know where the 2018 gathering will be? I have wanted to go for so long and I think this is the year!
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