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Discussion in 'Grow Room Pix and Journals' started by cgree, May 9, 2007.

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    Is anyone on this website very comfortable with hooking other people up with some of what they are doing seed wise? Pm me if u can help and i'll give u my email. very depressed need. I wanted to share my adventure online. Or can anyone get them and 3rd party it to me. I'm baffled at how this is done? im scared to do it without confidence.
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    Try seedbay.com, good priced, lots and lots of breeders, and they have very low key packaging. No worries sending cash either, which is nice. If you're a newbie then don't go spending a couple hundred on seeds, I'd reccomend something from Mandala seed co. Their hashplant is nice, as is the speed queen, and they are only 25 bucks or so.

    Seedbay is also a sister site to seedboutique.com, which is also reliable. They both have a helpdesk at icmag.com/ic

    And hell no, I'm not sending you seeds.

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