Looking for cohousing/ room to rent starting June 2014

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by drumminmama, Sep 9, 2013.

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    It's time for me to come home.
    Denver Metro/RTD service area
    I'm targeting June 2014.

    Non smoker, non drinker, non 420 but friendly (Jessica goodies are goooood). Some psychedelics use, solo.
    All genders/orientations OK.

    Cat allergic (mild), experienced dog sitter.
    SF, Virgo, 45. Massage therapist, artist, writer.
    Quiet and respectful.
    Jewish Vegetarian (dairy meals/parve)
    Decent cook. Obsessive housekeeper.
    Minimalist possessions.
    My son would visit. He's 21 and laid back. Need a workout buddy or trainer? He's your guy. He'd be by kicking my butt into gear. Karma.
    He's also good to help,with heavy tasks for small bribes.

    living situation post party house pre rest home. :)
    Room in home or apartment/condo. Either as sole boarder or in communal house. (Experienced with large group living in young adulthood)
    Age range of most occupants ideally 35+, but open to conscious people younger than that.
    RTD access a plus. Wifi huge plus.

    Rental agreement contract, pre pay 3 months, as I get my Colorado license to work. I'm expecting around $500/mo., with private room, utilities and use of living space/yard space. If utilities are paid in common, $400-$425. Onsite washer is worth $10/mo to me.

    Indoor/outdoor cats OK, dogs great.
    Kids OK. Not really wanting To be around babies/toddlers. I do like quiet but am reasonable. Would consider child care/ eldercare /housekeeping/ tutoring/bodywork as partial trade for rent. I'd create gift certificates to keep it all even.

    Good credit score but not astounding.
    Not ready to do a solo apartment again. Need some human contact. Looking for six to 12 month term, ideally.
    Occasional overnight guests (partners and friends, I have a wide circle of traveling musician friends. Sometimes a sleep space is needed. We are all older and not party hamsters.)

    Let me know if you know of some options. Craiglist is a little early, although I'm using it as a market price baseline.

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