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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by carnelian, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    lately i've done a lot of thinking about my life and i've come to the conclusion that what i need to do is to take a chance instead of just sit and wait for something to happen. i would love to live in a commune working with art and crafts but where do i begin? there are so many communes and i don't know wich one would fit me the best or if i would fit them. i'm afraid that people will judge me since i have mental issues, that they would find me to weird and not fit to live with them. does anybody know how communes would look at my problems? i'm as good as anyone else only a bit more introspective. i'm nice, openminded, very creative and love to learn new things. and most important, i want to live a life close to the nature with different values than the ones todays society tell us we should have. i don't believe money and fancy things are the way to happines but want to nurture my sould with frindship and the beauty of simple thnigs. i've wanted to live the communal way for several years now but in sweden there are really few communes and i also think living in another country would be a great experience. i would be grateful for any answears and advices you can give me. i'm very serious about this and now is a good time for me to fulfill the dream i nurtured for such a long time.
  2. erowid

    erowid Member

    All sounds great to me, I think our acres our on some nice unspoiled land so I'm sure it would make great artistic inspiration. I'd better let will hit this one though, I haven't yet seen the land myself. We'll be sellin off crops so we could probably sell some handmade pottery too. Imagration though, ooo..... I know some ways it could work though...
  3. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    how far have you come with the idea? you don't have any houses yet?
  4. erowid

    erowid Member

    Wll and some folks are starting construction in the spring, and me and my buddy brandon are heading down to begin construction in the summer, there's no way we shouldn't be done by fall, initial construction anyways.
  5. I say go for it. just find a commune that you like - or help found a new one! There are a few starting on the board here.

    just curious - what are your mental problems?
  6. louiedawg420

    louiedawg420 Member

    im pretty much looking 4 the same thing that u are, im leaving in a month. message me, and ill let you know when i find a place, where you can live any way you want to. if decide 2 come america, look me up. and ill make sure nobody treats u badly, u have my word.
  7. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    how many people are you so far? what do you plan to build?

  8. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    psycosis but i don't hear voices and see things that aren't there. i'm basicly just paranoid.

  9. erowid

    erowid Member

    I think We are at about 5 or 6, once again though these are words Willpower could speak with far more accuracy. Seems like you're prime to go, if it is the freedom of natural manifest and peaceful seclusion that you do seek perhaps are commune would be the way to go.
  10. Girl

    Girl Member

    you are all too young to worry about this crap!!!!
  11. erowid

    erowid Member

    I developed slightly fast intellectually, I actually quiet rarely find to much in common with many of my peers, I ussually spend more time analyzing them than I do relating to them. I have suffered far more than one would think a person of my age rightfully should have, and in doing so the foundation of my self is stronger for it. In lamense terms Ive been around the block, and ain't lookin to head around again. The idea of "young and stupid" is one that carries a stigma of most opressive wheight
  12. willpower

    willpower Member


    what is a good age to worry about this?

    i mean if its not important now how we treat ourselves and others when does become important?

    ordinarily i would attack you with all kinds of obsenities... but instead i will attack you with all kinds of niceness... well as nice as i can be...

    to begin with you are noone in whom to place judgement for someone wanting different...

    secondly it is an inconcieveable definition of stupidity that allows ones mouth to spew forth such absolute heresy...

    and to be sure your divine wisdom as been taken to all of our hearts in such away that a sentence of servitude in the sewers of ethopia would be a far cry better destiny than spending a moment of a nanosecond with some one who obviously has not the compassion for a fellow human enough to beseech upon them a few kind words of encouragement....

    in essence you are not a very nice person and although i wish for you the equivalent of Montezuma's revenge (Wink at Erowild) i only hope one day you find the courage to seek enlightenment... its ok to not be like them! and although i'm pissed right now... you have the benefit of me being stoned.... so through the fluxuation of emotions attempting to exit in script simoultaneously i will be a gentleman....however madam you have insulted the integrity of my kindred and for that i would hope you to be woman enough to, through some self reflection realize the cruelty of your words and offer a retraction.... if not at the very least you can refrain from saying anything if it isnt nice!
  13. willpower

    willpower Member


    I apologize that we have to begin our introduction under some, lets say, less than honorable terms, however , we, like minded people already feel enough of an isolation just being real to ourselves that i can noit abide by somene introducing negative vibes to our circle...although time and distant seperates many of us, we have come to know and learn one another here and try to as positive and encouraging as possible

    old wolf, is a stern figure of wisdom and guidance always willing to lend a hand whenever possible,

    rabbit and willow shows us that companionships of like minded people are a very real existence...

    erowild is one plant knowing, solar rigging super horticultural genius!

    and me im just the guy who has alot to say about just about everything and sometimes i forget how to be tactful... but hey im only human!

    anyways now that i have apologized for the tone of the above post , i would like to say welcome to the communal living forums... feel free to discuss anything you like about whatever u like!!!!

    secondly to address the original topic of the post...

    we would love to have you as apart of our community, as i explained to louie in another post...

    we are theme-less... as a matter of fact i would say that i believe everyone coming together to be apart of this has a different agenda....

    i am a backwoodsman for me it will be enoug to lay on my back in a field and attempt to count the stars... i am a son of nature... my bond is with the EARTH... she provides for me all i could ever need and most of all i want....

    he has a love of permaculture and horticulture... he is young and his adventure may not end here... but i am the richer for having come to know him...and i am certain his mysterious pal is just as kind and nice...

    i am in tallks with a blacksmith... about his coming and joining... seems hopeful... and a glass blower is reviewing some cabin plans... so i think ther will be a mixture of artisans and craftsmans...

    we only have the land we are building a communal lodge and barn this summer...

    if theres anyhting else i can answer for you feel free to ask.....
  14. carnelian

    carnelian Member

    hi willpower!

    well i maybe could visit you some time to check out the place and people. you all seem very nice. if i lived in usa i would certainly visit you but sweden is far away. but well see, perhaps when i can afford it.

    i think it sounds good to gather people with different agendas. there's always lots to learn from other people.

    i also love nature. my favorite thing to do is take a walk in the forest a sunny day and just look at the beauty and listen to the sounds of mother earth. running over meadows in the spring is also very lovely. i don't like living like i do now in a house in a crowded area full of other houses. no meadows and only a forest near the big road so there's never quiet.
  15. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    Ahh Will,

    Laughter is always the best medecine ... whether because someone thinks you are stern or thinks some are too young to worry about following their visions, or those who say already tried methods won't work - when we have documentation that it does.
    We do not need to be in defensive mode and actually move into the negativity you speak so disparagingly of. It is best not to give negative energy an opposing strength to make it stronger, but to let it whither away.
    Now for those of you who say - I want to - I will - I will be there - and then disappear - I am stern ! But even then I laugh at myself - now just how old am I - And just why is this not already done ? Hehe

    Hey Love you all - we all need to get together sometime - summer solstice here ? - should have the temporary shelters up and in fair condition by then - ahh the ever optimistic oldwolf - been saying that for a while now... No matter what efforts - live in the Now and realize that we Are Doing and each step provides it's own reasons in the synchronicity of it all.

    Blessings to all along their WAY
  16. Anger/Negative Emotions

    *close eyes*
    I realize that anger has manifested itself in me.
    I will take care of this anger, as if it is my child. I will love it compassionately, even when it cries endlessly into the night.
    Anger has manifested itself within me, I realize that my true nature is not one of anger, but of compassion.
    I am open to give compassion to my anger in this moment.
  17. erowid

    erowid Member

    I have to say I feel it was a justified rebutle in a sense, for the wheight of mediocre opinion has a force of suppressing aspiration greater than it is given credit for, for if I were truely ignorant enough to put any wheight behind those words I might be driven to strive for security and fall in line with the stereotype of the ambition of a person my age, which is naturally get wasted, complain about tedious things, apretiate nothing, and stagger with wavering support twards an unknown yet slightly structured destination of slightly my beleif, and mostly my bending of that beleif in apeasement to the wonderful idea of making myself more "lucrative", yes I have indeed thought about standing in line with my generation and selling my will for wages, and bending over and taking it from the ugly comprate whore, it just doesn't seem that apeasing to me, I certainly hope girl had a good time doing it;).
    Most of these guys who aided the killings were pencil pushers like you and me.
    Auschwitz is unique on the face of the earth, not because 1.5 million people
    died because of hatred, not because it is the largest graveyard in the world.
    It is unique because the people were killed by a dispassionate bureaucracy.
    -- Jerry Markle, WMU Sociology professor (Holocaust)
  18. louiedawg420

    louiedawg420 Member

    i just try 2 ignore peaple like that, i do the best i can at keeping stupid peoples negitive vibes away.
  19. erowid

    erowid Member

    true that, true that
  20. its all about vibrations.
    everything we manifest is.

    we're all vibrating "communal living" in our consciousness enough to notice it and pay attention to the point that the universe brought us to this forum. Some want to find a an alternative way of life, and some are offering and creating alternative ways of life. thus this particular vortex of energy gets larger, sucking matter into - organizing and manifesting itself in the physical plane.


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